No Potato Festival this Year

My guest room is unoccupied, 😦 except for Bear when the thunder rumbles and she’s scared. The room is dark and the fan in the window is noisy. I think she believes there is no storm in there.

Normally, this weekend, that room would be occupied. My whole HOUSE would be full of human beings, because Monte Vista would be holding the annual Potato Festival in the park a couple of blocks away. It’s so fun. Vendor booths, free baked potatoes, potato decorating contests for “kids of all ages,” games for the kids (bouncy houses, giant plastic spheres for kids to roll across the lawn, a climbing wall), horses to ride, a little train made of oil drums on wheels, pulled by a tractor, a show of historical semi trucks, homemade ice cream, dogs and owners, friends I haven’t seen since March at the Crane Festival, early morning tours of potato fields. Normally I write about it, but since it’s not happening, here are a couple posts about it in case you really want to attend. 2017, 2018

Yesterday as I drove to Alamosa I checked the status of the crops in the fields lining the 160. One field of potatoes has been harvested. Another is ready. The barley in the next field has been cut. There’s a field of green alfalfa. Then miles of rabbit brush. It’s a two-dimensional assessment but possibly it speaks for the fields going south and north deep into the San Luis Valley. A hard freeze (19F/-7C) is predicted for Tuesday night, followed by a night almost as cold Wednesday and up to freezing on Thursday. Then? Back to late summer temperatures.

So weird.

Facebook let me know this morning that last year I was doing pumpkin sex out there with my Aussie pumpkins. That means that little Faith, the Aussie pumpkin that almost made it to maturity, hadn’t even started yet. I even have her picture when she was just an aspiration at the base of a female flower.

Faith, the legendary Aussie Pumpkin of 2019, hoping…

This summer has been on steroids.

Last evening Bear and I took a little ramble out to the golf course and found a little peace. Beautiful sunset and cool breeze after an 89F/31C degree day. Bear even found a beautiful cool patch of clover and rolled, almost as if there had been snow there, as there might be Wednesday morning.

16 thoughts on “No Potato Festival this Year

  1. You’re yesterday weather was similar to ours. Ophelia gave Bear a paws up for the roll in the clover! She wants Bear to know she did the Battle Creek Hike. A little historical hike that starts at Fort Walsh in the Cypress Hills.

  2. Too bad about the festival but I’d think it is a little safer to avoid the big crowds… This made me think about decorating apples (something the boys did every year in elementary school). Fun times. I’m feeling sad about your pumpkin. Did you plant any this year? All the talk is about the beautiful beans…

    • I didn’t plant pumpkins this year because I didn’t have seeds. Last year’s pumpkin was an experiment that almost succeeded. I just don’t have enough sun back there. I need to cut about 4 feet off the lilac hedge… 🙂

  3. Glad your cool weather is on its way! I love the idea of Bear rolling in the clover and thinking it was snow! It was 99 here yesterday, and will be warmer today! We’ll have a couple of cooler days, then hot again! All the festivals here have been cancelled — it’s really sad!

  4. It is universal. No cheese days in Solothurn this year with one of the squares filled with cows, all winning varioius badges and rosettes to show. We just had a few stands selling cheese. I did not bother to go. Without the cows it is not the same.

  5. The heat here is awful. We went to an outdoor book sale yesterday. All the very well organized boxes of books were socially distanced on the blacktop parking lot and lemme tell ya’–I was dying. I used to volunteer at this bookstore so played catch-up (since they had been closed for Covid) with one of the volunteers, but it was so hot. Snow on Wedneday? Please post a photo–I need some visual to cool down.

  6. My neighborhood normally has multiple summer festivals – one at the lakefront for the first weekend after school is out, one under mighty oaks (in a park that was our first cemetery) for the last weekend before school restarts, one in our central park (a fancy name for the grassy field that used to be full of railroad tracks) for Bastille Day. Lots of neighbors that I didn’t see this summer.

  7. All our festivals were cancelled this summer too. The potato festival sounds fantastic! The weather would have been great if it had been a normal year (one plus for a drought I guess). There is a large performance venue in a nearby town which is held outdoors – right near the harbor. Most people sit on the ground, bringing blankets and chairs and dinner. Hopefully next year.

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