Quotidian Update 89.2b.xii

The seasonal cycles here in Heaven are pretty equally distributed among the months, but there’s a little extra for winter (yay!). Because we are at a pretty high altitude (7600 feet/2300 meters) fall comes early. Toward the last week of August, in a hot dry summer like this has been, the leaves are already turning. I take that as a symbol of hope. September here is beautiful, October, too, though a little wilder. Come November the winds start blowing like a, uh, MF. Bear and I dance (in our way) for joy. After that? Party…

I’m seeing cranes more often now. Yesterday on our walk I saw two.

In other news — my tomatoes didn’t get enough sun or fertilizer to ever ripen and today I might pull them out. I’m now allowing the Scarlet Emperor Beans to make babies and I’m not eating them. Bear loves to eat the leaves from the one remaining sunflower. About ten days ago, right on schedule, my talented neighbor with a garden that would make BHG fold up its magazine said, “I’m getting tired of gardening.” I haven’t hauled the hose around the front yard since my last water bill. “It’s OK if you go to sleep now,” I told it yesterday.

“Not really, Martha.”

I’ve put “the” painting away where it will be safe, flat and clean, I found the right frame (saving up for it) and have the good fortune of a show on the horizon at the Rio Grande County Museum in December. I’m torn about selling it. It already has a buyer, but part of me says “No, don’t sell it.” My mentor and heroine, Lilliana Braico, advised me to hold onto it. Lilliana is an artist, and amazing person in so many ways, but the most amazing thing to me is who she is after all she’s lived through. Her guidance has never steered me wrong, so I’m listening.

I can see the difference between “the” painting and all the others I’ve done. Since painting is a thing in my eye and hands and ability, I don’t want to analyze it. Still, the experience of painting that thing was different, and when I finished I felt differently than after finishing any other painting. I remember wondering recently if it would have been better if I’d had art training, but I have had art training if looking at hundreds of paintings is training (and it is). So, I don’t know.

Once I moved the painting to a safe place, I cleaned up the “studio.” I need more space, but I have what I have. I also have an enormous canvas I want to paint. Fortunately, it’s a stretched canvas, not a panel, so framing it could be as simple as nailing strip molding around the perimeter — a look I like. The most daunting thing about it is that it will take a LOT of paint. It has to be oil paint, too, since the underpainting is oil, and acrylic just falls off that shit, that old oil and water thing, you know.

Well, enough of your day spent on my thinking “out loud.” Have a great day with no serious events and much beauty.


29 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 89.2b.xii

  1. It sounds as if life in heaven is on a real upswing! With the painting finished, you will have time and energy for fall and winter walks with Bear and with Teddy, and more paintings too! Yay for the cycles of the seasons!

  2. I say go with your gut and keep “the” painting. Until it feels right to part with it. There may be a reason to keep it — which will reveal itself in time (I’m a big believer in such things). I am more than ready for fall too. A few trees have started to show some yellow leaves – hurray!

  3. I part freely with my “art” of writing. But things you make with your mind and hands — “the” painting — seem understandably more difficult to let go (physically and mentally).

  4. Yes, keep the painting for now – you might win a big award that would fund the paint for the next canvas. Our evil walnut trees are starting to drop their leaves and walnuts. Last night I was jolted out of a deep sleep by the sound of a walnut hitting the roof. Heaven help the hapless person who dares walk through our backyard! (sort of a built in intruder deterrent). I’m wishing cooler weather for you and Bear!

  5. Its exciting, having accomplished something that worth while, plus it frees you up for other excitement. As for taking painting lessons, I think you have it. I’ve always wondered if when you take lessons, you become the same as…I could be wrong and yes there would be ideas that might be beneficial, but your art speaks for itself, in my humble opinion.

  6. Don’t pull your tomatoes! The fruits need heat to ripen. Pick them and bring them indoors to a warm room or windowsill and leave them – on their own – on a flat plate or bowl. They will ripen slowly – could even take a couple of weeks.

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