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        • After I did the Big Empty at End of Day I thought I just might be able to do this one. I’m glad I took the chances and I’m glad I took my time. I’m also glad I had that blue. I’m going to call Ultramarine blue with Lapis “Moral support blue” and my BFF. God I love that paint.

  1. You know what I am drawn to? The little red hat the woman is wearing. No idea why, but for me, that adds something special to this painting. Glad you went back to it, Martha. It turned out great.

    • Thank you! The hat actually exists. My friend Elizabeth made it and I put it in the painting because I love the color and in the photo I referred to, she was the human. πŸ™‚

  2. It’s beautiful! That blue sky! And the woman and dog are done wonderfully, so natural in pose.

    But…maybe a different title? Like, Old Tree? Or Changing Seasons? It seems too happy and life-affirming to have the word “dead” in the title!

  3. It’s wonderful, Martha — I’d buy it if I had room for it in my house! I love that tree, and the woman and dog give each other reason for being!

  4. Love it. It pulls me in to look further. I like the perspective of seeing you and Bear from behind. Please don’t sell it, it belongs in an exhibition

  5. Yep. What everyone said! That sky is perfection. The hand on the dog’s back with the dog looking up and back at the woman – a subtle but real nod to the human-animal bond. I love the way the tree pulls my gaze to the sky and the road to the horizon of mountains…

  6. “Dead tree” is fine for a title. Life encompasses death, we need not run from it. I love how the red hat draws my eye. In an earlier state it was a painting of a tree. Now it draws me to the point of view of the hat-wearer so I see from two viewpoints – both her subjective view and mine as the omniscient, but equally subjective, viewer.

    • I’m good with Dead Tree. I think it’s an equivocal title and it was the beauty of that dead tree that led my friend and I to stop and take photos and led to this painting.

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