Tuesday Services in the Big Empty

About 5 pm Bear let me know that a front was coming through, the wind was blowing and we had to GO. So out we went. It was a VERY successful prayer meeting with wind, some rain, thunder (in the distance), no bugs and a interesting congregation in attendance.

I saw egrets, cranes, a Monarch Butterfly bravely battling the wind, animals (birds?) calling to each other in what sounded like barks, and two larger birds I’ve never seen before. One had wings like a gull and a tail that was somewhat like a swallows — tern? The other one soared with his wings pulled in and wasn’t very large, I think a Northern Goshawk, too large for a prairie falcon. Ideas welcome.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Services in the Big Empty

    • There are a lot of swifts here — much smaller than that guy. I don’t see him ever flying with others, so I just don’t know. All the gulls and terns I’ve “known” have been pretty social.

  1. I can just see Bear with her nose pointed to the sky taking in all the smells! So glad you were able to head out and enjoy the coming weather change!

  2. I’m so glad Bear told you about the incoming front — and that you both went out to the Big Empty to observe it all! What a wonderful evening you had!

  3. Beautiful shot. Storms like that brew their own kind of energy. I think the congregants sensed it. I have no idea what birds are what, so no ideas from me, sorry to say. What a cool scene it must have been though!

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