Tuesday Services in the Big Empty

About 5 pm Bear let me know that a front was coming through, the wind was blowing and we had to GO. So out we went. It was a VERY successful prayer meeting with wind, some rain, thunder (in the distance), no bugs and a interesting congregation in attendance.

I saw egrets, cranes, a Monarch Butterfly bravely battling the wind, animals (birds?) calling to each other in what sounded like barks, and two larger birds I’ve never seen before. One had wings like a gull and a tail that was somewhat like a swallows — tern? The other one soared with his wings pulled in and wasn’t very large, I think a Northern Goshawk, too large for a prairie falcon. Ideas welcome.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Services in the Big Empty

    • There are a lot of swifts here — much smaller than that guy. I don’t see him ever flying with others, so I just don’t know. All the gulls and terns I’ve “known” have been pretty social.

  1. I’m so glad Bear told you about the incoming front — and that you both went out to the Big Empty to observe it all! What a wonderful evening you had!

  2. Beautiful shot. Storms like that brew their own kind of energy. I think the congregants sensed it. I have no idea what birds are what, so no ideas from me, sorry to say. What a cool scene it must have been though!

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