20 thoughts on “Shameless Self-promotion

  1. So pretty. I had three Sugar Maples in my front yard. Hurricane took them down many years ago. I awoke to them uprooted all in a row. I about cried. I had cars stopping by to tell me how sorry they were for this. You came around the bend and there were my trees: red, orange, yellow. So pretty. Sadly, no more. These are beautiful, Martha.

    • That’s a really sad story. Trees are, to me, you know, they’re “people.” In Monte Vista there are three maple trees that I know of. I don’t know what kind, but I am so glad they’re here. Our family home in Nebraska had two planted in the front yard. Last time I looked on Google earth, they were both gone. I imagine they must have been immense since they were planted in 1960.

      • This was Hurricane Ivan in 2004. I was in such a state of shock–all 3 trees gone?!. I thought we could just upright them and they would be fine. Trees are people to me, too. People next door took down a huge historic oak tree in their backyard to expand their house. WTH. I don’t get people like that. The house was huge already, for gosh sakes! Can you imagine what those trees from 1960 would have looked like?! Such a shame.

  2. We had several red maple trees in the yard at our former home. Such pretty trees and in the fall…magnificent! Really nice job with the painting, Martha ❤️

  3. I love a sugar maple in the fall. We had one in the front yard. It got “fading maple disease”, a root fungus that causes all the leaves to dry and fall off. The tree was bare by July and dead by September. The neighbor’s maple got it too. We were told that we would probably never be able to have a maple there again since the fungus stays in the soil for a long time (like 50 years…) Your painting is so cheerful and bright – It looks like the sun is shining through the leaves!!

    • Thank you!! The only trees that don’t seem to get anything are the stupid ass elms that throw seeds around in the spring, sprout and within fifteen minutes are full on trees that you have to hire some expensive guy to take out.

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