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Last night I watched a couple of speeches from the DNC. They were both good. Bernie Sanders’ had substance; Amy Klobuchar’s didn’t, but it wasn’t meant to. Michelle Obama? I watched, she’s a good speaker, but Bernie Sanders laid it all out.

I wasn’t interested in most of the stuff going on and I decided to come back when it was all over and watch some speakers on Youtube instead, even though I was mildly interested in how a political party would do a convention without doing a convention. I briefly remembered last year’s which I found a grotesque and offensive display. In any case, we’re where we are. I hope this convention succeeds in its goal of inspiring people to get out (or in) and vote. I’m glad Pelosi recalled the House to work on the postal crisis. But basically I’m very tired from living and breathing crises and politics for the past three+ years. I think a good government is one that doesn’t need the relentless attention of the people in the nation.

In other news, on Facebook, I got turned on to the Livestock Guardian Dog group, and it’s the first time I felt that phenomenon of being unable to tear myself away. People are posting their experiences, challenges and questions about their working LGDs — all breeds. Yesterday I decided to share Bear’s story since the only job she’s ever had is taking care of me which she’s awesome at. Not all livestock guardian dogs get to live on farms, but it’s a little unusual for them to be pets, not that I consider Bear to be a pet.

One thing that’s incredible about the group is the universal respect people have for these dogs.

In other news, the Etsy shop has had its first sale to someone I do not know. That’s pretty meaningful for an artist. Friends might buy my work at least partly because it’s connected to me — I do that, anyway. I don’t buy art I don’t like, but when its art done by someone I know whose friendship I value, I really want it. In my kitchen is a pastel drawing by my friend Wes that I got for $40 just because he needed groceries, but I also happened to love the piece. I still do, and now that Wes is dead (HIV) it is a whole world in its way. It’s a real treasure. But, selling to someone who doesn’t know you or care about you at all is another thing.


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  1. I worked at an art college for many years. I love my art collection because I know the person who created each piece. The art brings me joy aesthetically and emotionally!

  2. A friend in Seattle rescued an Anatolian shepherd from Texas several years ago. I was unfamiliar with LGDs until then, and it was fascinating to learn about their innate behaviors and skills, depending on specific breed. My friend is active in that FB group and other similar organizations. No doubt it’ll be a time sink, full of great information and insights into Bear!

    • I posted Bear’s story this morning and got so many other stories like it. It’s been so interesting, too, to learn about the fiercer LGD breeds. A couple of people have Akbash or Pyrenees who ended up choosing to watch the kids instead of the animals. 😀

  3. John Kasich’s speech is the only one that matters to me. And the three short talks by other Republicans, Meg Whitman, Christie Todd Whitman, Susan Molinari. There’s no news in the Democrat speeches.

    His speech is hated by both the left and the right which means it is probably pretty good. Still, at least Democrats’ are attempting to cut into Trump’s GOP base. It doesn’t matter that Biden isn’t perfect, he’s a heck of a lot better than the alternative.

    “Time to take off the partisan hats and work for the common good.” has to be spoken by a conservative Republican or it means nothing right now.

    • It’s just fluff; no persuasive argument. It will come across to Trump supporters that Kasich is bitter because Trump beat him. Many Democrats don’t like him because of his strong anti-abortion stance, and while I think abortion is a minor issue, and I don’t get why anyone cares, it affects voters (for some bizarre reason). I figure as long as we fight wars in which our young people are killed, abortion is a non-issue). For me, he was the best of the Republican candidates in 2016.

  4. I’m torn between commenting on your post or joining the conversation concerning the DNC… I’ll just say that I want to find the site for the LGD group!

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