Checking the Trail ahead of the Snow

My neighbor and I cut loose this morning and went to the nearest mountain trail for a walk. It’s also the closest mountain X-country ski trail. It was really nice to be up there and we had a great time talking and being in the silent world where you can listen to the breeze through the aspen trees.

9 thoughts on “Checking the Trail ahead of the Snow

  1. Certainly not the 98 degrees we are having here on the Florida Gulf Coast.
    Beautiful scenes, and I am glad to see you walking so well.
    We’re hanging around, in, about, loose, tight.
    Best to you.

  2. I notice the blue diamond marking the trail. Need more of those!

    Mt. Pinos is a big x-country destination locally. Some of the “trails” are not very obvious and most of them are unmarked, just dotted lines on a map. The recommendation is “not to try them without a compass.”

    I’ve been following some of these trails on foot over the summer using map and compass and even GPS. It is slow and frustrating, often just bushwhacking and requiring real “orienteering.” The maps that are available use the same dotted line for both a footpath and a ski trail. Often they go straight up/down the side of a steep hill. I could easily see an inexperienced hiker getting hopelessly lost.

    Put 3 feet of snow on the ground and you could probably ski just about anywhere. The dotted line on the map is just a suggestion.

  3. Beautiful sky and the photos make me want to walk that trail too. I’m glad you were able to have a nice walk with your neighbor. I’m sure it did your soul good.

    • We both needed it. She’s facing some really tough stuff this coming week. It was wonderful to be up there. You’d like the trail. If you keep going it takes you up a mountain. 🙂

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