She has a little arthritis in her elbow that caused the lameness and strange posture. Rimadyl and glucosamine is the prescription which she’s already on.

Thank you everyone for the moral support. It helped me a LOT especially in these strange times. ❤

I’M SO HAPPY that I (almost) DON’T HAVE WORDS so I’ll shut up now. 🙂

27 thoughts on “BEAR IS FINE!!!!

  1. I’m so glad that Bear is ok — I hope the cold won’t affect her as it does arthritic humans, but it will be good for her (and even better for you) to get out and move again! Happy dog walking in the Big Empty!

  2. Toulouse has some arthritis in his right shoulder. The bummer is that our 4-mile loops are a thing of the past. Now, we just explore the mighty Neacoxie, looking for herons, nutria, and beavers. He’ll be 15 in October and as long as his nose gets a workout, he’s a happy dog.

    • Bear’s favorite thing is smelling her messages, so she doesn’t have the urge I do to get OUT, but she likes that, too. Her favorite walk is the neighborhood so she can collect her mail and see her friends. I think your rambles sound wonderful. There are nutria around the Rio Grande, too, but I’ve never seen one. And beavers 🙂 A couple of blue heron hang out at one of the places we walk.

        • I love it too. I love it when Bear MEETS one of her pee-pals. One of her best friends is a tiny male Bichon-poodle. They corresponded for YEARS before they met. The little dog’s owner was nervous, and picked him up, but Bear jumped up gently and kissed him and he kissed her back. He weighs 5 pounds. 😀

  3. We are so glad to hear that. It was even a topic in our family, mr. Swiss asking me if I knew how Bear was. What a relief that must be,

  4. Great news. For once the unknown becomes something that isn’t scary. Arthritis is treatable and you’re already treating it. You should (all) celebrate 🙂

  5. I am so very very relieved!! I just did a chair spin complete with a “whee”. I’m hoping the medication kicks in and she is more comfortable soon.

  6. Ophelia and I are happy to read this news. Although not happy she has arthritis, but at least it is a manageable condition and the most important thing is- she will still be able to explore the Big Empty!

    • We’re OK with arthritis. I mean, I’ve been OK for 15 years with it and Bear isn’t suffering much and when she has a flare up, at least I know it isn’t life-threatening. We’re very happy, too. Bear sends paws up to Ophelia. ❤

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