Space, the Backyard Frontier and Quotidian Update

I made more progress on the space in my yard yesterday. My neighbor texted me in the morning to ask if I wanted their left over flagstone pavers. That’s what I dreamed of for my yard, but no way could I have afforded them. The “fixed” in “fixed income” doesn’t necessarily mean “repaired.” (ha ha ha) She had already loaded their wheel barrow. We brought them in and laid them down. We’ll be doing it again today.

I plan to take the flagstones to the raised bed. The flagstones are really beautiful and I’m so happy. Left of them is a small flower bed that I’ll extend next year. The walkway will be bordered by vegetables on the right and flowers on the left. This will be a dig-proof area in my yard without diminishing the dog’s freedom of racing around. It’s their space, too.

I’ve been keeping Bear quiet for the past several days and she’s moving around better. I’ve gotten Teddy to leave her alone when he wants to play rough (Aussies are smart). I’ve noticed that her right “elbow” seems to be turned outward and a friend who came by yesterday noticed Bear’s shoulder “doesn’t feel right.” It doesn’t, but I have no idea what that means.

I called my local vet yesterday and was told their X-ray machine is broken. I got an appointment next Monday when (this is cute) “Our X-ray machine will be better.” I guess people who talk about animal health all the time… I took the appointment, but then called the vet in Alamosa (same vets, bigger operation) and got an appointment for Thursday. Apparently their X-ray machine is feeling all right.

I wanted to say how much I appreciate this blogging community. C-19 has so altered the idea of “community,” perhaps expanding our idea of it. It’s difficult to say. I know that for me, though I’m not exactly on “lock down,” my perspective on, or relationship to, this activity has changed. This has always been a place for me to express my thoughts (duh Martha, news flash) but it’s evolved into conversations and I value them very much. ❤ When I haven’t had time to read, I feel the loss. “What’s going on with everyone?”

People (I don’t know who they are but I hear about them) talk about “globalization,” and maybe they’re talking about the idea of a global economy, a major part of globalization, but there is also this. People all over the world are meeting each other on blogging platforms and sharing ideas. It’s still a thing of wonder to me that my China book came about because a businessman from India, whom I’ll never meet in real life but enjoy “talking” with here, went to Guangzhou. A woman in Indiana woke me up to the possible seriousness of Bear’s lameness. A woman in Idaho runs in the mountains with her dogs and has the kinds of adventures I understand. A woman in Australia really SHOULD show up here for a cuppa’ but… A woman in Switzerland with whom I’ve been “talking” for nearly a decade now whose humor and courage impress me very much and whose beautiful photos make me yearn to return to CH and also make me happy it’s still there. I don’t want to write an interminably long post here, and I could. My list of valued conversations is very long. I treasure all these conversations very much.

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  1. What a treasure getting those flagstones! Ophelia and I send healing thoughts to Bear. You are right about the blogging community it so much more than a creative outlet, but a place of much care and love, and all from a distance!

  2. I hope Bear is going to be all right.
    I like that you have conversations with people from all over the world. It is encouraging. I have a very tiny few in number who read/comment regularly and I appreciate them. I find, however, that I am too ‘antsy’ or ‘impatient’ when I sit at my computer…I want to write what I need to get out and I read a few posts (usually I stick to the same bloggers) but I am always anxious to ‘get going’ and I ‘can’t’ stay on long. I would love to cultivate friendships but I think I would have to ‘work’ at it.

  3. Back atcha’, Martha. Every time you write about doing things with your friend, Lois, I always think, “I wish that were me!” I hope things work out well with Bear. Poor girl.

  4. Get well soon hugs and kisses for Bear!

    Oliver has broken out in some kind of horrid rash on his underside. Looks like a zillion bug bites and he’s been itching and biting them. Gave him some Benedryl and that seems to have calmed him down. Did you know the recommended dosage of Benedryl for a dog is several times that for a human? I take a 25 mg pill and it knocks me out. Oliver weights less than a third of what I do and takes 50 mg. (1 mg/lb.) It doesn’t seem to slow him down much.

    Now we have to track down what is causing the problem. Avery shares the same back yard and shows no problem. OTOH Avery has thick fur. Oliver has a bare chest and very thin fir everywhere else. He also gets flea treatments, so that isn’t it. I’m thinking he’s laying somewhere and the local arthropod population is objecting. He isn’t feeling the bite but whatever venom is causing a skin reaction.

    Avery is developing hip problems. She’s almost 10 now so that isn’t surprising. She still way outperforms me on a hike but you can see it when she jumps into a car or onto a sofa or bed. We’ve been giving her 37 mg of Rimadyl when it looks like it is acting up.

    • Thank you!!! Oliver could have a mild fungus or allergic reaction to a plant. Really hard to tell and they don’t tell you what they’ve been doing. I’ve kept Bear pretty quiet these last few days and she’s in less pain. She’s taking Rimadyl which helped a lot at first but now isn’t so much which is why I’m worried. I will be glad when I get to talk to the vet and we have a picture of her leg/shoulder. ❤

  5. I agree completely — I have wondered how people managed during the pandemic of 1918, when there were no computers, no Zoom, no quick almost-normal communications other than letters and the postal service (at least that was not under attack!).

    • The attack on the Post Office really pisses me off. Out here in the middle of nowhere we depend on it, even more now that many of us aren’t going to stores. Yeah, back in 1918 a lot of people didn’t even have phones — maybe most people. I guess they weren’t used to such constant contact with others. I think we’re very fortunate right now to have this and have each other. 🙂 ❤

      • The attack on the Post Office — really atrocious — so much of the country relies upon the mail service. At least the staff seem to be handling the situation as professionally as possible, although there are things that I’ve noticed are not being delivered normally. I’ll be so glad when November comes, and even more January! As you say, we are very fortunate to have electronic communication for so much of our lives, and especially for being in communication with each other.

        The flagstone pavers are a wonderful idea — that will give your yard a more finished look, and the dogs will not destroy your space 🙂 !

  6. The flagstones are beautiful and your garden is turning in to a piece of art. No surprise, that.

    Glad Bear’s doing better. Now, let’s hope that x-ray puts YOUR mind at ease.

    I’ve only been blogging on WordPress for a year, but I’m impressed with how easy they make it to connect with other bloggers to create a supportive community, meeting people from all parts of the world I would never otherwise have interacted with in ten lifetimes. Some become valued friends. I’ve described this newly-discovered community to my non-writing friends as like social media but more culturally diverse and without any of the negativity.

  7. I’m thrilled about the flagtones, that is perfection and will look and work beautifully for you. I agree with the changes happening and in how we relate and chat with and interact with people. I’ve always felt an immediate connection when |I speak with people here so it’s deepened those feelings of care compassion and connectedness. I’m sorry I haven’t been around either. It seemed overwhelming but I’m back on top of things now and will check in more often. I lost a few people again, thanks wp for that. Take care, Martha. Hope it’s not serious with Bear.

  8. how lucky that your neighbor gave you the stones, your garden just keeps getting better. happy to hear that bear is better and the x-ray will give you some comfort. the connections to people, comments, conversations, ideas, are all what make blogging such a joy for me. i love hearing from and about people who live different lives than me and learning from about the world from their point of view

  9. We had slate flagstones at our house that led from the side porch to the back porch. They were so beautiful and I’m happy for your good fortune! The blogging community is indeed a lifeline. I agree it is quite amazing to think of us all connecting from literally around the world. Twenty first century pen pals perhaps. 🙂
    I’m so glad you found an X-ray machine in better health. It’s so hard to wait. ❤️

    • It is hard to wait but I have to so… I can’t believe the flagstones. My plan was to buy one at a time whenever I went to Alamosa and then I expected to get enough for a footpath. This is just such an amazing boon. I really felt like yesterday was some kind of specially ordained Martha Christmas.

      Slate is a beautiful stone. I have an antique dry sink with a slate top. Back in the day they did a “faux finish” to make it look like marble. I will never understand why.

      • Merry Martha Christmas in August. 🙂
        Our flagstones were a gift from my father-in-law at the time. He either had them or found them for us. I have no idea how expensive they may have been. But they lasted for over 30 years (and I assume are still there). A faux finish seems really unnecessary.

  10. I’m in love with the community on WP. I’ve met online so many wonderful people. I do wish you had the Magic School Bus and could pick us all up for an adventure. I’m sure the “magic” would eliminate all the COVID-19 dangers… I am anxious that Bear gets her x-ray and you get some answers. I didn’t know that the Rimadyl wasn’t working, that is concerning. The flagstones are a perfect addition to the backyard – beautiful and durable, and best of all free!! Hugs to all of you and especially Bear!

    • Thank you. The Rimadyl worked for a while, then became less effective. 😦 After you emailed me and I did research, that’s when I got really scared because a scholarly paper I read said that often with the condition you told me about, pain meds work for a while and then lose their effectiveness. I will be very happy when I know. Even if it’s bad news, then I’ll know how best to take care of my dog. As it is now, I have no idea. I’m very happy you sent me that message. ❤

  11. Wow, I love those (flagstones). Very posh. They will look great when the renovation is done.
    I would love to come over for a saucepan sized cuppa on the deck with you, Bear and Teddy. Elizabeth too.
    Fingers crossed Bear gets the all clear tomorrow.
    Guess what? I had no power today because my aircon was installed. I know! Bad for the environment. So last night I charged my Kindle and started reading “The Price” today. Really enjoying it but I wish I knew what was going to happen so I don’t cry.

  12. Met so many good people like you here.
    I also miss people I met then lost contact with. Yes some globalisation is a good thing. I’ve heard of older women in the UK teaching young children in India on the Internet. Called granny teachers or something like that.

  13. There’s this former educator, world traveler, lover of the Big Empty, and furry friends, author, artist, and many other things, in which I treasure because she’s REAL and wise. And is a huge part of my decision~huge decision~to hit the road in 2021 and write as many days as I can. Bear, please get better soon and thank you Teddy for giving him space. Finley says woof woof (get better). She’s in a funk, Mom’s leaving tomorrow for 3 weeks to hug her humans. Yes, Mom would rather avoid sine interactions with humans and just float around nature with fuzzy 4 legged friends~or 3 legged. I’m so glad for this community. And you. ❣️ xo

  14. i completely agree! i also wonder how people survived surfing the 1918 pandemic without all the technological advances. i couldn’t even imagine life back then😅 great post, thank you for sharing💞

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me🤍🥺

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