Quotidian Update 43.2.xxi.5

Our domestic star is reminding me that I have not derived the maximum benefit from the window cleaning kit I bought in the spring. When I get that reminder (daily?) I think (daily?) that home ownership is a 24/7 job and I only show up for work when I have to. I have the impression that I’m the manager of this establishment, but I think I might be the crew…

Bear’s limp has returned and I’ve noticed that her elbow is turned outward. I’m thinking that this happens when she and Teddy play and maybe he pulls on her leg, or she turns too fast, or? Or when the meds relieved her pain, she went back to digging. Maybe she’s like me. I’m not running any more and maybe she’s not digging any more. I’m going to have to sit down and talk to her. Anyway, maybe another trip to the vet, this time for an X-ray. Big big dogs are prone to joint problems. She’s not walking well today, but…

Bear wanted a walk so badly last evening that I took her, even against my better judgment. It’s that difficult decision. We don’t live forever so how much “saving” of ourselves should we actually do?

It was a perfect evening. She got to see her favorite pocket-sized dogs, got to gather and leave many messages along the way to the high school parking lot where she got to do all of the loose-leash work she does so well (and enjoys). On the way home, I saw the little girl waiting by the fence, waving frantically. I also saw a guy walking with a dog.

Bear and I crossed the street to get to the little girl’s house and I said, “Meet me in the alley!” so I did my approximation of running and we got Bear out of sight of the dog. Once he’d passed, we were able to go back to the good spot and visit. They’ve repaired the old fence so it’s safer for the dogs and me. We — the little girl, her mom and I — had a good long visit the kind that is normal in a small town but very precious in these times.

When the little girl tells a story, she acts it out physically. I know that this is partly because she has a small speech impediment, and I think she can tell when someone doesn’t understand her. She also gets frustrated talking, like maybe the words are not enough. Lately, when she’s telling me a story, she also doesn’t look at me. That’s a new development. She really WANTS to SHOW what she means.

I was listening/watching her last evening thinking, “Wow, if she grew up to be a teacher, so many kids would learn that would otherwise have a hard time.” Of course, that’s my bent, but it’s true. Teaching tends to be one person yammering at the class, and while most kids learn that way, a lot don’t. But then, I’m a teacher and that’s what I see first. There’s a way bigger world out there than the classroom, way bigger now than it was when I set out on my adult life.

I asked her mom what M. wants to be when she grows up and her mom said “An ambulance.”

“Not the driver or…”

“No. Not the EMT. The ambulance with the lights, the siren, everything.”

Wow. As long as I’ve known M I’ve known she was a very special little girl. Her heart is as big as the universe, and she’s very, very brave. The day they brought the deck, I learned that reading is difficult for her, but she wants to. If I say something she doesn’t understand she says, “What does that mean?” and then she learns it. Last night she learned, “What’s new?”

“What does that mean?”

“Well, what did you do today?”

“Oh.” Then she told me. She’s really pretty amazing.


38 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 43.2.xxi.5

  1. Your compassion and care and attention for this child will be a blessing for her in the future. I remember the teacher who combed my hair every day before school. She made me feel special, and until this day, I am grateful for her generosity and compassion.

    • Thank you. My compassion, care and attention toward her is nothing compared to hers toward me. She’s a wonderful little spirit. “On Christmas I’m going to come to your house with stockings for Bear and Teddy” (my dogs) “And I’m going to hide treats in their food.” ❀

  2. I hope that Bear is okay despite the limping. How much “saving” of ourselves should we do? Excellent question for all of us. Once a teacher, always a teacher…and lucky for your little friend who wants to be an ambulance. I love it πŸ™‚

    • I’m going to let Bear tell me what she wants to do, unless she’s limping so badly I need to override her desires. Maybe that’s wisdom I need to follow… hmmm Yep. M. is one incredible little being. I’m really lucky those kids are in my life right now. ❀

      • Bear will tell you too I’ll bet. In the meantime it’s got to be tough to watch. And, yes, those kids are a blessing. As much as I appreciate living where I do – in an over-55 community – I miss children in my life. ❀

        • I understand — until about 2 years ago there were no kids around and I was kind of lonely. Everywhere I’ve lived there have been kids and they’ve always been a very important part of my life. I guess I was born to be “the other adult.” πŸ™‚

          • Everybody’s “aunt” perhaps. πŸ™‚
            I really enjoy talking with kids. When I’d go for walks where we used to live, I would have the most interesting conversations with neighborhood kids. Totally open and candid. It was great.

  3. I do enjoy when someone shows the story instead of just telling it. Anyone can do that! She sounds pretty amazing.

  4. I love this little glimpse into your day. M sounds like a free spirit – I hope time and training don’t squash her dreams and creativity! I’m also very sorry to hear that Bear is limping again. A radiograph is definitely a good next step. Please make a vet appointment soon!

  5. Your house stuff can wait! Ya, we’re the crew(that made me laugh), but we get to set our own hours! I think you’ve got your priorities right, spend time with the dogs, and having neighbourhood chats – all good for the soul. Although I am sorry Bear’s knee is acting up, hopefully all will be well.

  6. “We don’t live forever so how much β€œsaving” of ourselves should we actually do?”
    I have pondered on that a lot. I think we waste too much of our present for a future that may not be there but then what if…sigh!

  7. The little girl sounds amazing Martha and it’s lovely she has you a neighbour too. Please give Bear our best wishes and gentle pats for her and Teddy from all of us here πŸ’– xxx

  8. Sending love to you and Bear (and Teddy), I hope she gets better soon, is it her elbow? M. sounds like she’s very sweet. Its good to know she’s got you as an ‘auntie’, love to you all. X

  9. How much β€œsaving” of ourselves should we actually do?

    I’m not as prone to delayed gratification as I might have once been. I delayed my “gratification” long enough that I was unable to do many things I’d wanted to do so they didn’t happen. (I call that “kicking the bucket list.”) If I delay something now, there’s a very real chance something physical will stop functioning and It’ll be just another thing I never did when I could.

    “Gather ye rosebuds” and all that!

  10. You should have the vet take a look at it. It could be many things and in a big dog, well, I’ve had that happen to other big dogs and sometimes it needs attention. It’s hard to keep them still long enough for something to heal.

  11. “I have the impression that I’m the manager of this establishment, but I think I might be the crew…”

    The longer we are locked down, the more definitely we feel we are the crew.

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