Sighns of the Times…

Last week I figured out that garden signs could be — besides being a lot of fun to paint — a way to raise money to replenish my oil painting supplies. Yesterday, still contending with the aftermath of a migraine (seriously, don’t get one) I opened the patio umbrella and sawed cedar fence boards into usable sizes. I didn’t do that long, though. It was hot. The light hurt my head. OH WELL. Better today, but still slightly weird.

I learned — among other things — that the weirdness of the time does not mean the usual weirdness of life stops. There’s still plenty of that.

Any-HOO after I cut them, they get a good scrubbing in the kitchen sink because, you know, they’re cedar fence boards that have been outside for almost a decade. When they’re dry, they have a beautiful, silvery, soft surface. I have two custom orders and I hope to start one tomorrow.

19 thoughts on “Sighns of the Times…

  1. I’m not prone to migraines but get sinus headaches instead. Neither one is pleasant. The migraine is by far worse and I’m hoping you are all recovered by the time you read this! The boards looks like a fun project. I’m going to attempt to decorate a couple rocks…
    And yes – we all want to see the finished projects!

    • I get both but thankfully not often. Painting rocks is fun. I did that for a year or so and had a wonderful time stashing them for people to find.

  2. That’s awesome! I’m sorry you had a migraine. Ugh. As if things aren’t strange enough ~I’ve had a few of those in life~they knock you for a loop.

      • I’m so glad you’re better. I’m suffering a bit. Everytime I eat my stomach aches. It kept me up all night and the pain won’t go away and turned into a headache. WordPress probably not the place to share this with you.😏 I was excited to have a couple of days off to read and write and I’m hoping it gets better soon. Take care! Give your furry babies my love too.

  3. I’m sure you realise migraines are a sign, but equally they are not. Keep us posted, Martha. Yep that was a pun on your signs and also not. πŸ™‚ Get better.
    The sunflowers are very cheery. πŸ™‚

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