“No, I’M Normal!!”

“Whoops!!!!” should be the word of the year.

Now we’re some six months into the virus stress stuff. I realized a couple days ago that I’ve just adapted to this and it’s no big deal for me any more. Some of the changes it’s brought to my little life are for the better. Some of them are probably NOT good like not going to the doc for tests. I don’t want to do that, anyway. So far so good – I’m knocking on wood or whatever this table is made from.

I have two masks — the car mask and the around-here-socializing mask. Since I seldom wear a mask more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time, they’re no big deal, either, and I have a dozen “buffs” or “neck gaiters.” The hard part has been saying “no” to the house guest thing. I’m just not comfortable with that right now. My house is small and old-fashioned. I miss my friend Lois, and I badly want my cousin Linda and her daughter, Andrea, to visit, but that will have to wait at least until the old people are vaccinated.

The ONLY thing that happens to me now that seems to reflect stress is that I’ve had more migraines since this started.

I also realize I’m very lucky in all this to live in a pretty remote place and to be retired. I’m also lucky to be an introvert. That has been interesting. Over the years I’ve had friends who thought there was something wrong with me when, on a Friday or Saturday night, or after work, I didn’t want to go out and ‘meet men’ or go to a party or whatever was appropriate to that moment in life.

Now I think there’s something wrong with THOSE people because they’re “suffering” being unable to socialize in random large groups of strangers. “Why would you want to do that, anyway?” I think. Weird. Our sacred self is really the “standard” by which we measure the rest of humanity.

Sorry for all the typos (which I keep finding). Still fighting the migraine… Sigh.


17 thoughts on ““No, I’M Normal!!”

  1. “Sacred self” – YES! Your post is a very familiar frame of reference. Oddly, I sometimes feel ‘normal’.

  2. Whoops is definitely the word for 2020…the year that wasn’t. Sort of. It’s hard to see straight with a migraine – I get those sometimes. I’m impressed you were able to write! Virus stress…for me it’s poor sleep or lack thereof.

    • I was talking with my neighbor and we agree there are a ton of stressors and we’re just trying to hold our shit together instead of freaking out, and so, for me, a random migraine. I don’t think I wrote very well this morning. I had more typos than usual.

      • Holding our shit together – necessary – but our bodies let us know how hard it is to do so and let a few typos get by us in the process. Better than freaking out. ❤️ It’s gonna be a long road.

  3. Really, my life has changed very little. The mask thing is no big deal, I wear it out of respect. I play golf. I go to the beach. I putter (not golf). I like being at home. My hands are generally cleaner than they’ve ever been. Life goes on.

      • Yep. And just for fun I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I was nominated and chose to respond. Part of the deal is nominating others and your blog is one I really like.

        • Thank you. I don’t do awards. I did the first year I was writing a blog, but not any more. The badge you see on my blog is from a really cool and totally random nomination I got from a blogging organization in England. I didn’t win but it was a big honor (to me) being nominated. 🙂

          • Yeah, I don’t usually do ’em either, but this one seemed interesting for some obscure reason. If I’d realized how much time it would take to respond, I might have ignored it.

  4. As an extrovert who likes to be busy, this has been torture for me. I also am a planner, so it’s doubly hard not to know when life may regain some sense of normalcy.

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