My neighbors pulled down some of their fence a while back and in its place, they’re putting up a little shed. A few days ago, I brought home some of the old fence home thinking I could make a walkway in my yard and maybe paint garden signs to sell in my Etsy store.

I went out a couple days ago to get started on separating the fence boards from the 2 x 4s. I had my claw hammer and good intentions but soon I realized that whoever had built that fence was deathly serious about fences. I got two boards. I saw that I will need a crow bar to finish separating the 2 x 4s from the rest of the fence boards. Some of the nails they used were legit 3 penny nails. Others? Nails from hell, I tell you, from hell. In any case, wherever they’re from, they were not intended to come out. They had to have been put in with a nail gun.

Anyway, sooner or later I will get them out. It’s not that I’m lazy. It’s that this person and a claw hammer are outmatched.

16 thoughts on “Nailed

  1. Nails from hell and back. Last resort may be to saw those suckers right off. Also not easy. Good luck. I like your plan for the boards though 🙂

  2. good luck! crowbars can often be found at thrift stores. Also a cheap angle grinder might help. Tough work in the heat. Might just cut off those areas, where possible.

    • I’m not sure yet, but leaning toward cutting the nails. The boards I want are the fence boards. I think the kids’ parents will loan me a crow bar. Thank god we’re having cool temps and rain.

  3. That is one project! I love the idea but I’m not sure I’d have the willingness to pry those nails out. Do you have a pair of bolt cutters? If so you could cut them off and then pound them out from the back side far enough to get leverage…

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