Mohammed’s Radio in the Disco Daze

It’s true that in every life there is, “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance…” and in the late 70s I had a disco life. Yep. It’s true and it was fun, and now, of course, I have the lawnmower and plumbing life. And this particular moment is my time to hurry up drinking my coffee because the plumber called and is on his way. waaaa-HOOOOO!

Disco took a lot of shit from people who said it wasn’t music. It was music — is music because you can, I can, still listen to it. It was just music to dance to. It emerged during one of the strangest moments in the evolution of rock music, I think. It and punk squeezed their way in between the residue of 60’s folk rock. On Mohammed’s radio in those days you might here “Whine like a beagle!” (Steve Miller) followed by “Play that funky music, white boy.”

Yeah, the lyrics were stupid, mostly, but what’s so intelligent about “Fly like an eagle” or Bob Seger’s whiny songs about being “on the road again” making fists full of money? What a thing to whine about, right? But, it was a leap between “I think I’m going to Kathmandu” and “Boogie, oogie, oogie.” I liked them both.

I am not sure, but I surmise that since most radio DJs and programming guys loved music, and many didn’t regard disco as music, it was unusual to hear it when I set out in my VW Bug for parts south and west for long drives trying to figure out why in hell I was dating a gay guy. That’s a pretty tricky question that’s easily over-thought. NOW I know why I was dating THAT particular gay guy. I loved him and liked him. It’s not a philosophical question. The question I SHOULD have been asking was “Do I WANT to keep going through this weirdness?”

I never asked that question. Strange how when we’re older we have a better understanding of which questions are useful. But, if I HAD asked that question, I might not have had all those great times dancing in “Boogie Wonderland.”

17 thoughts on “Mohammed’s Radio in the Disco Daze

  1. Maybe the reason I don’t dance anymore is because I don’t find modern music as inspiring to dance to? I was certainly gyrating a bit to this tune.

  2. Okay, Martha, ya got me chair dancing HA. Loved this music back in college & then some. Remember dancing “the bump.” A good dance session in any way shape or form is a welcome diversion. And fun. Thanks for the time travel 🙂 I may have to dig out some of these tunes! Dance Fever!

  3. Great slice of life Martha 🕺 dating a gay guy…… because he could and wanted to dance. Thanks for joining in 😀

  4. Disco was not my cup of tea but it was inescapable. Every radio station was playing it. Me, I was listening to Brahms, Beethoven, Dvorak, and Mozart… I was definitely not part of the in-crowd!

  5. So much great music came out of the disco era, and Earth, Wind, and Fire is one of my personal favourites from that time. Along with Abba, KC and the Sunshine Band, Donna Summer, and of course, the Bee Gees. So much good music … and who could ever forget the fantastic tune from The Weather Girls below? An enjoyable post that took me back just a few years … thanks!

  6. One of my all time favorite movies is Saturday Night Fever. Just rewatched it about a year ago and it holds up as social commentary. Used to dance around the house with my babies to that music at the arsenic hour, as we used to call late afternoon meltdown time!

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