Summer Rains Finally Arrive Here and in the Big Empty

I’m wearing jeans. I just got back from walking Bear in the rain. The rain was cold and the breeze was cool. We watched a train pulling some coal cars. We sneaked onto the golf course. We SAVORED everything. It was almost — not quite, or even near, but almost — winter-feeling.

It was my second walk today.

Heat and I don’t do well together and godnose Bear hates it. The past month or more has been excruciating, all bike-to-nowhere and walking a dog at 8:30 pm. But today…I looked down at Teddy at about one and then out at the sky and put my jeans on. “C’mon little guy,” I said and strapped on his halter. We went out to the wildlife refuge — the first time in ages.

A black cloud was moving fast, but on our arrival the sun was shining brightly, and the trail a little — but not too — warm. “Whatever we do we do, Teddy.” He was amenable and set about his job of smelling every trace of bird poop on the road beside the pond. I looked around for the geese family and saw no sign, but I did get to see about 8 little ducks leap from the bank, take some running steps across the pond, and swim away from the danger represented by one lady and one leashed dog on the road some 10 feet away. “Run away! Run away!”

I kept an eye on the sky. Things can change quickly, and I didn’t really want to get hailed on. The wind blew harder, the sky darkened, the air took on a blissful frigid tinge. The light on distant Mt. Blanca changed constantly.

“We gotta’ go Teddy.”

I think I moved faster than Teddy has ever known me to.

It was grand.

21 thoughts on “Summer Rains Finally Arrive Here and in the Big Empty

  1. Oh wow Martha! That photo….and the feelings it evokes. I can see you and Teddy in a sprint (and picture you smiling the whole time). To feel the mountain air is all I long for right now. Without typing too much on YOUR post Iblo can sum it up with: 91% humidity, near 100 degrees. I’m feeling the heat in other ways-a busy campground season and impatient people. Why did I decide to get back in the service industry? Has the world become more hateful or I’m too Polyannish? The cold breezes of indifference and disdain, you’d think, would cool me off. Yet, they make me hotter. Teddy, Finn and I wish we could walk/run with you and Mom! ❣💚🐶

    • I think even normal people aren’t quite right at this moment in history and I personally think that the current “regime” has given license for assholes to display their true natures.

      I think Bear and I would collapse in despair with statistics like that. We admire your fortitude and would be very happy to have you and Finn join Teddy and us up here where, thank God, the wind has begun to blow cool and the rain is falling. ❤

  2. That is one ominous sky! You haven’t talked much about Teddy and the weather — does he like the cold and damp like Bear does? I’ll bet Bear was delighted to have a nice cool rain for her walk!

    • Teddy likes everything except when we leave him behind. I can hear him howl for a block. Every other thing in life delights him. Oh, other dogs are not to be born, but every other thing in life is just GREAT according to Teddy. Bear was very happy. Me too.

  3. Oh, dear — poor Teddy — but he had his turn earlier in the day!I’m glad you had such a good walk!

  4. Ha! I can almost feel the temperature drop and the barometer with it! The leaves flipped showing off the undersides. I can smell the dampness in the air swelling as you dashed back to the truck… The photo looks ominous! Hope there wasn’t any hale!

  5. Amazing sky, Martha!!! I would love to be cold/cool/chilly, right about now. Temps no longer going below 80, even during the night, here in my part of Texas. Makes for sweaty walks, even in the morning at sunrise.

  6. Those clouds most definitely are shouting “Run Away, Run Away!” There is such a cool energy in the air when those storms are about to erupt though. Absolutely grand. 🙂

  7. You are lucky to get rain in your monsoon. You can see thunderstorms piling up in the distance over the desert or the mountains but locally, maybe a few clouds drift by and a bit of haze in the sky. Over the summer we might get one day of actual rain per month over summer or we might not get a drop from May thru October. Our monsoon is sometimes just a wave of humidity.

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