Dead-Alive (More about Lawn Mowers)

Horror? When it’s an El Niño year, your roof leaks, you have water in your living room, and you don’t have money with which to fix the roof. That’s horror. When you find your dog has eaten rat poison and is about to die a horrible death. When you come home to find your dad in an ambulance. When your little kid…

You get the idea. Real life is full of horrors. I don’t watch horror films. It’s tempting fate. I get WHY horror films (that old pity and fear thing Aristotle talked about in his Poetics) but gratuitous fear? No thank you.

I prefer my catharsis through laughter. Which is why…

I like splatter movies and old zombie movies… The best one combines both, Dead Alive. It’s a masterpiece of lawn-mower art directed by Peter Jackson. In the famed lawn-mower scene, the young hero takes a lawnmower into a room in which the zombie horde is assembled and, lifting the mower a couple of feet off the ground, mows down the horde. It’s just hilarious, gory and absurd. It’s been described as the goriest scene in cinema.

Which still doesn’t compare to the goriest scene in human history.

16 thoughts on “Dead-Alive (More about Lawn Mowers)

  1. “Carrie” was a cool horror movie. But otherwise, they mimic real life (or its potential) a bit too much for me. I envy those who can escape through them though. 🙂

  2. If it has the least bit of gore or scary stuff in it–I can’t watch. Comedy, drama, westerns are OK. But no horror or sci-fi. Never been a fan. Heck, I am about to the point where if someone dies, I can’t watch it!

  3. Horror movies are a big no but horror/comedy is a huge yes! I have to agree that Zombieland is a favorite and Shaun of the Dead is a classic!!!

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