Quotidian Update 4,903.a.2x.8

Frondescence? Leaves. It’s just green. All of it everywhere. All over the damned place, and I have to mow some of it. Soon, it looks like, but last time I got by with three weeks. Longer grass sends down deeper roots, good for the lawn in the long run.

The trees are green and sending branches over my yard that I have to cut down. The egregious weed-elms are popping up all over, and I have to pull them out because in about 15 minutes they become big-ass trees that are a big-ass problem. I have four of those to deal with, too. Home ownership? The ONE advantage is big dogs. I get the whole condo thing now in ways I never got it before. Building equity is a young person thing.

It’s funny when you retire no one hands you a list of the changes in your life and perspective that are likely to happen.

But there is the other side which is that it’s continually amazing to me that I can put a nearly microscopic seed into a peat pot and two little leaves will emerge. At that point, my nurturing instinct kicks in, and I start caring for those little beings as IF they had souls or could become president someday. The grim reality of their future lives — that they’re going to end up in caprese — and somewhere down the road the frost is going to get them, plays no role in the early spring ritual of “I wonder if I dare put them out before June?”

Of course, one or two DO go out before June and the results are always the same.

I’m not a “gardener” per se. I don’t care what my flowers look like. I’m not an ardent cultivator of my garden beds. It’s really too painful. Nothing really hurts my arthritic knees more than bending over to take care of anything. This summer I’ve seen that I have to do something about this, but this is not, obviously, the summer for that.

Everything out there this year is very happy. They turn their little solar collectors to the sun that hits my narrow strip of garden and they grow. They’ve helped me see what to do with my yard when I’m ready to ($$$). I’ve seen that I didn’t need a deck except to define the space and to help my neighbors financially. I don’t use it and don’t imagine I ever will, much. I haven’t even put up the umbrella. That doesn’t mean I don’t like it — I like it a lot. But what I like most is hanging around the bean plants.

Now, my favorite poem by Li Bai who is now approaching 8 feet tall…

Visiting Han-tan: The Dancers at the Southern Pavilion

They sang to me and drummed, the boys of Yen and Chao,
Lovely girls plucked the sounding string.
Their painted cheeks shone like dazzling suns;
The dancers’ sleeves shook out like blossoming boughs.
Bringing her wine I approached a handsome girl
And made her sing me songs of Han-tan>
Then the lutes were played, and coiling away and away
The tune fell earthward, dropping from the grey clouds.
Where is the Prince of Chao, what has he left
But an old castle-moat where tadpoles breed?
Those three-thousand knights that sat at his board,
Is there one among them whose name is still known?
Let us make merry, get something in our own day
To set against the pit of ages yet unborn.

Li Bai (trans. Arthur Waley)


10 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 4,903.a.2x.8

  1. I do love it when my garden goes crazy, but it goes too crazy too quickly here. I’m still trying to figure out how on earth to get it under control, but then I figure it will be fall soon and then I can just cut everything back and worry about it next year πŸ™‚

  2. I find a milk carton with a cushion on top has made gardening so much easier on my knees. I can happily sit for hours and weed!

  3. You have the sweetest little backyard. The deck…kind of like an observation deck. Yup, there is such a thing as too much green – and that is where the condo life does come in handy. I’ll agree with you there. However I do recall the satisfaction I got – despite my sore back – after a few hours of massive pruning of our huge lilacs and such. Your 8 footer is amazing! πŸ™‚

  4. Although the green is very evident, my eyes went to the vivid red flowers of the beans! My husband insisted when he put in the raised beds that they were 2 – 2.5 feet tall – making it possible to weed and harvest without bending much at all!

    • I would like to have had raised beds that high, but hauling that much dirt wasn’t possible for me. I think I’m going to try to get a little stool or something. My neighbor uses one and that could be the ticket for me, too.

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