Quotidian Update 7,002,639.1.a

Bear hurt her right leg. I think her paw, but I’m not sure. Friday she was limping for real and didn’t want to move much. I tried to explain that we needed to ice it and she should keep it elevated, but my explanation never penetrated for some reason. She categorically refused to do what I advised, and, instead, just laid around on the floor. It was better the next day, and the next, and the next, but she still doesn’t want to put her full weight on it. Still, she’s running around the yard with Teddy and acting pretty normal, so… I’ve asked her to explain what happened so I could make a good decision about taking her to the vet, but no. Completely uncooperative.

I thought she might change her mind when she saw that I was putting Teddy into the car meaning we were going to the Refuge yesterday, but no. She was disappointed. She knew it was her turn. I explained that until she can walk normally on that paw I’m not taking her for a walk. I reiterated my advice about R.I.C.E. and she just gave me a blank stare with those blue eyes and went back to chewing her rawhide.

Dogs can be so intractable.

In other news, the Refuge is in mid-summer mode. Stuff is blooming like crazy. The bees are taking advantage of huge, fragrant banks of yellow clover, so fragrant the air is filled with their sweet, spicy scent. There are also at least two types of milkweed blooming right now.

The little geese are nearly full grown. There are only 3 remaining from the original 5, suggesting that a couple of the little goslings were food for a predator. In March, there were three goose couples setting up housekeeping. Then, in May, there were broken eggs on the road. Two of the couples are long gone, having lost their little families.

Everything out there is present and accounted for. Plenty of red-winged and yellow-headed blackbirds and what I thought might be the Colorado State Bird — the Lark Bunting — actually is.

The Rio Grande Wildlife Area — where I have taken my dogs most of my time here in Monte Vista — will reopen in two weeks. It closes between late February and mid-July every year to allow waterbirds to nest and raise their young. Until this year I didn’t appreciate that though the dates are “set in stone” and the same every year, they are not arbitrary. I’ve seen the whole cycle of goose courtship and breeding. Nature is a clock. As much as I like the wildlife area, I’m not sure I’ll be going back until winter. If hundreds of cattle are grazing there again this year, it won’t be much fun. I don’t mind the cows, but it’s not a lot of fun navigating around hundreds — if not thousands — of cow-paddies.


26 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 7,002,639.1.a

  1. I hope Bear recovers fully very soon. Ophelia sends Bear her love and says she should listen to Martha…hmm, but I know Ophelia would be just like Bear in the same situation.

  2. Oh my goodness…that face!! πŸ™‚ Speaks volumes, but who knows what!
    I hope Bear’s leg is better soon as she’s missing out on some beautiful walks.

  3. Poor Bear — she looks so sad — I hope her foot feel better soon so she can join you for a long walk! Nature is a clock — I remember learning in Botany class that plants cycle according to day-length rather than other climatic features. I’m glad that you can enjoy the wildlife area while it is “closed.”

    • ❀ She does look sad. I think she tries to be philosophical, but she's a dog and her abilities in that direction are somewhat limited.

    • I’ve examined the paw as thoroughly as I can. She doesn’t mind me messing with her feet. It’s improving — I think she could have sprained her “wrist” 😦

  4. A sprain is likely especially when she “forgets about it” when playing. If you really want her to ice the foot I’d suggest dumping about 10 bags of crushed ice on a tarp and letting her play in it! She might consider you a divine being (if she doesn’t already)!! Stepping around cow piles would certainly take the joy out of the walk since your gaze would have to be fixed on the ground…

  5. Bear, Conall sends his condolences for your achy paw and empathizes; he also has s light limp on his right leg right now, mostly when getting up after snoozing, so rest for him now as well. “Rest is best” an old boyfriend frequently told me when I was injured, but…it’s soooo hard, for people and for dogs!

    Feel better soon, Bear. And hey, look on the bright side: the July 4th weekend/holiday is a good time to be on forced rest at home.

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