Just an Ordinary Evening

After a second day of limited online activity, Teddy and I took a walk in the evening. It was a nice walk with just enough wind to keep the mosquitoes away. The Sangre de Cristos, lit by the sun in the west, were all purple mountain majesties in the distance. The flowers all around the high school — wildflowers, Colorado penstemon and yellow columbine, white currant and a few alfalfa plants that had blown in with the wind. Bees held their own in the breeze.

Teddy and I did obedience work on the one spot on the planet where he heels. He’s got sit and stay and wait and back and down perfect, but on a leash? He’s driven — or pulled — by a higher calling…

I knew that the kids had a tent up in the backyard. It was way past their bed time, and I didn’t know if they were sleeping outside or not, but I kept my voice down as I admonished Teddy not to be a pain in the ass. But, as it happened, their mom was in the yard and saw us!! Yay!!

The kids came out of the tent each carrying an immense stuffed dog. As they got closer, I saw both dogs were snow dogs! One was a gray and white husky with blue eyes, the other looked like my blog pal, Rebecca of Wild Sensibility’s, malamute, Conall. The little boy had the husky.

“You guys have huskies!!”

“I named mine Cutie!” said the little boy. Cutie had a red bow-tie or bone (not sure) on which “Puppy Love” was embroidered.

“Mine is Were-wolf!” said the little girl.

As I petted Cutie and looked into its deep blue glass eyes (just because something is an inanimate object doesn’t mean it’s not alive) I told the little boy that I had a husky just like that once whose name was Cody. They wanted to know about Cody, so I told them how we went on a road trip to Colorado and Montana, and how, in Montana, Cody caught a big red squirrel in the air and killed it. Telling the story, I told a little lie. Cody didn’t actually kill the squirrel. He brought it to me to kill. I had to finish it off with a cast aluminum sprinkler head, the only halfway lethal thing (other than Cody). Oh well.

Meanwhile, behind me, very far north this season, the sun was doing its 8:00 thing.

“Wow!” said their mom, nodding toward the sunset. “Kids how can you not believe in God when there’s something like that?” Their mom and I share similar religious views. Anyway, I am pretty sure the kids believe in God.

“Stay right there,” said their mom as she pointed her phone at me.


32 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary Evening

  1. All around cuteness overload! I love the flowers but the photo of you and Teddy with the kids is too good – the sunset, Teddy looking alert and handsome, you smiling and the kids with their stuffed dogs – perfect!

  2. Now that is an evening to remember! Love the photos – esp you and the kiddos and dogs. That’s some bedtime story you told them ❤️ How lucky you are to have such sweet neighbors.

  3. What a perfect evening, with a beautiful photo to help you always remember!

    Cutie does indeed look like Conall ❤ Conall wants the kids to know that Alaskan Malamutes are very wise, playful, and adore children.

    A good life is comprised of such unexpected, exquisite moments. Lucky you.

    • Actually, Werewolf looks like Conall! He’s big and gray and has brown eyes and an intelligent expression. The picture is not that great of him. Cutie is always sitting, but Werewolf has a lot of possibilities. ❤ I told them about my dog, Cody, and I told them about your dog Conall and how he likes climbing. I told them that all snow dogs are intelligent and friendly and love kids. Bear, Teddy and I have made them dog-crazy (our work here is done 😉 )

      Maybe while I'm trying not to use the internet I should write a kid's book with dog stories. You could write one about Conall and the cows to put in.

  4. Wow — what a neat way to end a day! I’m always amazed at how late the sun is still up and the light still usable at this time of year! But, after all, it has just been the longest day of the year, and you are even a bit farther north than I am!

  5. I slipped into a cute coma with this one. The KIDS, the dogs, their smiles, your smile, the sunset, the walk,…this was a perfect end to my day. The sun is setting here Martha and I’m sending you and Teddy big hugs. Also, about the squirrel you had to finish off ~ 🥴 I did chuckle. Love and hugs! PS~sorry you’ve had tech issues. Ugh!

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