No Internet????

Interesting day yesterday. A storm knocked out Internet everywhere served by my ISP, and I was offline all day. As soon as I learned it wasn’t just me and I didn’t need to call a repairman, I settled into the thing and really enjoyed it. I also learned how addicted I am. I think I already knew I wasted a lot of life scrolling through nothing.

The first thing I did was rig up music since I listen to music all day. I have two iPods and they have everything I ever bought. It was really nice to listen to music I’d actually chosen even through two crappy speakers. Then I went to pick up my groceries. When I got home, I prepared the painting I sold for mailing, and I mailed it. The usual stuff went on through the day but more efficiently, stuff like cleaning house, repairing damage done in the garden by the dogs, getting mad at the dogs retroactively. I watered, walked Bear where she loves to walk (the high school), waved at people who waved at me. Other stuff…

The apogee of my achievements yesterday was that I darned four socks thereby restoring three pair proving I am the paragon of domestic science. The last time I darned socks was as homework for my 6th grade home ec class. But as the socks cost $20/pair and 99% of the sock was still good, I mean, seriously?

Sometime around six, the Internet was restored. What I didn’t do yesterday — or see until late in the day — the political idiocy in my country. I had 23 emails all of which I could delete without reading them. Two people had commented on my Facebook posts.

I missed writing my blog, though, and yesterday after noon, I decided to go ahead and write one I have had in mind. I did. I usually write in the mornings with a kind of time-deadline for myself, but yesterday I had no deadline. I wanted to write a post about women athletes, how things changed after Title IX, and what it was like culturally for me as a girl who loved sports.

I wrote, and as I did, I realized there’s a lot there, a lot of culture that affected everything. I am not sure I can even write that blog post! It’s not as simple as women in sports after all.

I plan to continue this “Internet diet” for a while and see if I can kick this addiction.

27 thoughts on “No Internet????

    • Yes! ETA. Monday. Etsy should have sent you a notice with a tracking number. πŸ™‚

      Here it comes! Your order has been shipped.
      Beth, MarthaAnnKennedy has shipped your order!

      on Jun 22 Shipped
      on Jun 24 Expected delivery
      Jun 29

  1. I also had an internet almost free day yesterday, but it was my own forced choice. I had too much on my plate to cope with blogs, but basically I must say I enjoyed the time away from the bustle of the blog. And now I wish I could paint. Mr. Swiss has all the equipment as he was a painter in his earlier years. I should really try, but I don’t think I have what it takes.

  2. Nicely done with the socks! It is the kind of task left to the end of any list. I have a bag of socks with holes in the toes for someday. Maybe it will happen. Maybe it won’t. The internet can absolutely get addicting. Are we all afraid we’ll miss something crucial? I wonder. Sometimes I think I keep hoping I’ll see good news…but wait…nor much yet. That political idiocy thing.

    • I think I also keep hoping for something good. But checking all the time doesn’t make it happen. I’ve done pretty good today (so far). I found darning to be relaxing and rewarding unlike constantly checking social media. πŸ™‚

        • No. I stayed off line most of the day. It was good. I tried to do things that I COULD actually DO like cut the lilac weeds down in the back yard… I will soon write a post about the beans, though. They’ve grown like crazy and Li Bai is blooming. :O

  3. My grandmother used to have a “darning egg.”It was placed in the heel of the sock (because that’s what always needs repair). I remember how much I loved holding it — a smooth, tactilely delicious piece of cherry wood.

  4. I have become much more of an internet addict since I lived alone and even more so since the pandemic means that I no longer do anyties volunteer activities outside of home. I spend way too much time scrolling for news articles. I prefer reading to watching the news on TV and even avoid video clips.
    Socks, I always hated darning but I’m trying to buy Australian made products a bit more and they are more expensive so I think that darning may need to become something I do in future.

  5. I’m glad you had the headspace to write your running post. I really enjoyed it.
    I’ve never darned. Just goes to show you excel at many things, Martha. πŸ˜„
    I’m going to do less blogging now that my ravens have left the field. I really want to draw up some mosaics and walk for exercise. No running here. The internet is a happy distraction but a distraction nevertheless.

  6. Repairing things with thread and needle (or yarn and needle) can be sooo relaxing and therapeutic. It requires concentration, but not so much that your mind can’t dance to hidden tunes as you stitch. I sometimes spend a summer evening on my deck repairing a collection of items I’ve set aside for fixing – holes to the toes of favorite running socks, the armpits of long-sleeved t-shirts, stuffed dog toys – while listening to the evening bird songs and my dogs snuffling around the yard. Bliss. And, I accomplish something useful!

    Internet breaks should probably be a regularly-scheduled thing.

  7. It’s good to know someone else darns. I think my son may be the only person of his generation who irons. I never showed him how to darn socks. His were usually too disgusting by then to want to think about that.

  8. I have so few vices that my blogging addiction is not only permitted but encouraged. Since I don’t drink, cuss, dance, do any illegal substances, stay out all night, or cheat on my husband, and I’ve given up caffeine – my vices of good chocolate, LuLaRoe clothes (only second hand) and blogging are fine. If I gave up blogging I might have to take up some other addiction – like ice cream or pop-tarts … I think blogging is an addiction worth cultivating.

    • I agree. I don’t have any vices, either. But scrolling through the news or Twitter or Facebook hoping something will change is just a waste of time and I have been doing that. Blogging is a good thing. I love it and I love the friends I’ve made. πŸ™‚

  9. It’s true that the online life steals a little of the offline life. I enjoy those kinds of days you describe where you putter around the house and get some things done…not the big jobs that take days, just those little ones…it brings a certain amount of satisfaction.

  10. My mom had a metal fruit cake pan filled with buttons of all sizes, shapes, colors. Inside was a wooden tool used for darning socks. Don’t ask me why that wooden thing was kept there.
    When I was “bad,” and put in time out, I had to sew buttons. I was proficient!
    I still can attach a button–and darn a darn sock worth a second chance at life!
    Thanks for the memories ❀️

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