Pushed by Paint

I’ve been cleaning out the “studio.” I feel precious calling it a studio when I don’t work very much and when it is a really beautiful room. Painting belongs in places like a garage, not this little pretty room with two sides of French windows.

It’s one of those somewhat awkward rooms that sometimes appear on old houses. Once upon a time, someone added to the back (this is pure conjecture) and put in a laundry room (barely a room) and pantry. On the other side of the wall they put in this pretty room. It’s off the kitchen and has no closet and no door.

Painting is messy. In Descanso I had a shed built in my yard. It was small — 8 x 8, but wonderful, perfect. NOTHING happened in there but painting. It was cool that it was away from the house, too, OK only 10 or 12 feet, but still. I was thinking of this. I could have a shed built at the dirt end of the deck. It would be really nice to come out of the shed onto the deck and garden and behind the shed? Dog’s world. Since it’s so cold here in winter and hails in summer, Bella needs shelter. I can’t take her garage. Besides, it has no real light, just one bulb hanging from the ceiling, hardly the pinnacle of painting studio design.

But I need to paint and I have two immense surfaces that barely fit in this room…. OH well. I hope this remains my biggest problem today. 🙂


20 thoughts on “Pushed by Paint

  1. It is a pretty room! But Martha, it is perfect for a studio with all those windows! And since it isn’t really much use for anything other than a breakfast nook I can’t imagine a better place to paint!!

  2. I’m interested in buying one of your paintings. Do you have an Etsy shop? If not, maybe you should!

  3. Those windows and that light! It makes the room look so cozy, but perhaps not what you want for painting. It does look small, but if some of the furniture was removed, maybe it would feel larger. Hard to tell. Painting a mural on the wall might be inspirational 🙂

  4. I love the space! I was thinking that you should have a shop! I was happy to see above that you had a link and discovered you don’t deliver to Canada….

  5. I like your art room. You remind me so much of my “older” (older means wiser too 😏💚) friends in Idaho. There’s a group of them I get to see when I visit. I’m the “baby” of the group and they let me hang with them~I “eat” it up. One’s a writer, two meet weekly to paint and have rooms and/or a shed as you described, one doesn’t leave her house a lot due to health, and one lives on a horse ranch. A couple of them are retired nurses and others were in different careers; one didn’t work away from home. However, we all gather in Marvellene’s pool for water aerobics when I visit. And they always say, “Karla, come paint with us.” I attempt. You are truly gifted! 💚🤗 Finley says hello too.

  6. It is a lovely room and I imagine it would be a great art room . Why shouldn’t you paint in a pretty room after all?
    My sister paints and she would love this room. She’s fixed up room in her house to use as the shed she was using was too cold in winter. When she moves here she will use a shed which we hope we can reline to keep the weather out and make comfortable to spend hours in doing crafts.

    • It’s nice to have some of the rather nasty chemicals outside the house. None of these windows open. It’s also nice to be able to leave things up that are in progress. Those are my two main problems with this room — and it’s full of stuff, mostly books. I think the books get busy with each other when I’m not looking and give birth secretly. But it’s a great room — I just need to look at it more seriously as a room to paint in and less as a room where all kinds of stuff can happen. I think it’s me who needs to change.

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