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I decided to reopen my Etsy shop. I first “built” it in 2011. Then Etsy changed, becoming more complicated. I didn’t have the mental stamina to deal with one more complicated thing at a certain point in time, I think six years ago or so when I was retiring, moving, etc.

Anyway, I’m slowly “stocking” it. So far there are only four paintings in it.

Here is a link…. Martha Ann Kennedy Fine Art

At this point, I’m offering free shipping which Etsy is using as a marketing tool (good idea) and I’m not selling internationally (because of the free shipping). Interested people who don’t live in the US just need to contact me.

Hopefully I’ll be adding note cards and paper versions of paintings, too. I just don’t know what I have on hand yet. I also have work I haven’t photographed, so the shop is going to grow. In the past I also sold Christmas cards when the season came around. 🙂

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  1. Good for you!

    This is why upgrading your WordPress plan might make sense, because your blog works as a platform for promoting your Etsy page from time to time. And the sales will more than pay for the upgrade.

  2. Good luck Martha. I can understand not doing international sales at present. I’m afraid shipping costs would be astronomical and put people off. Maybe when you start doing the notepaper and cards that might be practical.

    • I will. Right now I have a very small stock of those because I had been selling them at the Rio Grande County museum which now, of course, is closed. I’ll see how it goes and if it goes well, I’ll get more. Shipping costs for international buyers for paintings would be incredibly expensive especially now that there are fewer flights.

  3. I’m so excited! Thank you for posting your link. I just bought something. I’ll send you a pic when I have it hanging.

    • Oh my god! That is the first painting I did when I moved here 6 years ago. I’m really happy that you are going to have it. I got its frame at a thrift store that gives all its profits to animal rescue. It’s my Refuge at the end of fall. I hope you enjoy it!! ❤

          • Isn’t it weird how you can form “friendships” through writing? Like I know if I were ever in your area, I could say, “Hey, Martha! I’m here. Let’s go for a walk.” And you and Bear and I would meet up.

            • I know! I pretty much pick friends based on music… Strangely it usually works out. I’d take you out to see the sky and you would totally get it. If you ever ARE coming to Colorado, let me know. I’ll show you a Colorado a lot of people never see. I found when I was setting up the Etsy Shop today my favorite part was describing the paintings and what they are. I don’t want people just to see a picture. I want them to see a world. ❤

            • Yes! I get that. I’m so glad we found each other. (I know that sounds sappy. Sorry, not sorry.)

            • It’s so cool to me that you GET this painting. I’m out there so often and I see one amazing phenomenon after another. Sometimes I know what I’m looking at, and sometimes I have to come home and teach myself. One day I was out with the dogs and one of these clouds (they are not usually so long and stretched out over the whole range) was literally FORMING right above me. I just stood underneath it in this strange wind and watched. To me nature is all beautiful and shit but what’s amazing is what it DOES. I sat on a hillside once and watched a rainbow form down the hill from me, I watched it form into a circle of color over a muddy road. Well, it means a lot to me that you love the word “lenticular.” To me those clouds are fascinating. I love them and they are why I painted this. ❤

  4. I’ve always been suspicious of the Etsy business plan. I know other who have been very successful selling their art – I’m hoping you are “discovered” and become famous!! (I can dream for me and for others!! )

    • The way I see it, Etsy is in it to make money. For me, right now, it’s a way I might sell some artwork. I don’t have great expectations. It’s just better than not doing anything 😀

  5. Hi! Really nice blog:) I’m planning to open an etsy store as well…do you have any tips on how I can actually make my store successful cause I like really need that money 😶

    • I wish I had some idea how to make an Etsy store successful, but I don’t. I need the money, too. They have a lot of tutorials and looking at shops that you like and sell things similar to yours (to get an idea of pricing) is one useful idea. Good luck!

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