The North Star

Serious blues all day. The demonstrations remind me so much of China’s cultural revolution which went on almost ten years carrying massive destruction in its wake. 

The day cooled off enough to walk Bear (as she informed me) so we headed out to the high school. I heard the kids yell at me, but I couldn’t see from where. Bear got to collect all of her messages and we did the obedience training she loves to practice and seldom performs otherwise. 

As we walked, everyone waved from their cars like I am Miss America. It brought tears to my eyes. People wave anyway, but not with that much enthusiasm in normal times. “Oh! It’s the white haired lady with the white dog! She’s out! She’s fine! She’s walking where she’s supposed to in June! Yay! Yay!” Seriously. 

On our return, I saw two hawks playing with two ravens on the wind. There was no aggression at all. It really seemed like they were having fun, but I don’t know. A peregrine falcon is hanging out in one of the tall aspen trees on my block. I hear him often, but I haven’t seen him yet. 

The kids were waiting outside and I thought, seeing them, that yeah, Black lives matter, but so does mine and so do theirs and so does the life of my small town, and I can’t help anyone anywhere. “Brighten the corner where you live,” went through my mind. Hawks, people waving, ravens, kids, Bear, clouds and a breeze at 5 o’clock? I’m just lucky. And I’m grateful. And I’m sorry everything is such a mess, but I don’t think I’m making it worse.

We stopped to talk with the kids until the mosquitoes got annoying.

The little boy wants to get up at midnight and “make shapes with the stars.” He likes Orion’s Belt. I said, “I think Orion is up now. It’s easier to see that constellation in winter, but you can see The Big Dipper tonight.”

“What does it look like?”

I couldn’t draw a picture. I showed him where to look relative to a tree on the golf course (north of his house) and explained it looks like a pan. Four stars make the pan and three make the handle. I poked the air to show him where.

“If you find it, you have found the North Star, and if you have found the North Star and you’re lost at sea, you can find your way home again.” Suddenly that struck me as a metaphor.

“Wow. I never knew that much about it before,” he said in wonderment.

How people become — and remain — teachers.

As we left, I said, “It was really nice to see you guys.”

“It was nice to see you, too.”

So Bear and I are home, healed once again by Heaven.

14 thoughts on “The North Star

  1. Hope the walk with Bear has lifted your spirit and be happy again. Nothing compares to inner peace. Take care and stay well 🌻
    Happy weekend. ♥️

  2. I’m so glad you had a nice walk with Bear, and a good chat with the kids — there’s no way that makes the mess worse, and it probably helped more than you and Bear! I’m sure that Connor was impressed, and that they both enjoyed your chat too. There are so many metaphors these days, for finding one’s way home, for opening society, and so forth!

      • She IS amazing! And I’ll bet she knew it was just what her human needed, too! How does she tell you that she wants to go for a walk, rather than just that she wants to go outside?

        • If she wants to go outside, she just goes until it gets cold again and I close the door.

          If she wants to go for a walk, she has a lot of ways to tell me. Staring at me, putting her paw on my leg and staring at me, sending me coded telepathic messages like, “It’s not all that hot now, Martha.” I’m not joking. The other day when my friend and I went to the Big Empty with Bear, at a certain point we were having an intense conversation about sad things — our parent’s deaths, when you know it’s time to put your dog to sleep. I was telling her about what happened when I had to put my last husky, Lily T. Wolf, to sleep, and that whole time Bear was right in front of me, looking up at me, with her paw on my knee. She knew what I was talking about — that it was a sad story. I don’t know. Dogs find a lot of ways to tell their people they want a walk, but Bear has an unusual vocabulary for that. 😀

          • I imagine that the reaction to your conversation must come at least partly from the tone of your voice in your conversation. I love that she can also tell you of her needs/wants! You REALLY know each other!!!

            • We do. She’s been my dog all her life. 🙂 I’ve noticed that people talk to her as they would to a person. I think it’s because she’s so big and so calm.

  3. You are right aboutthe crows playing! Crows are one of the few birds that “play” especially in the thermals – just for the heck of it. Our pets learn our moods and our tone of voice and some of the really smart ones learn to recognize words. Sounds like Bear is very in tune with you and vise versa. I hope the birds and the sky and Bear and the kids all conspired to lift your mood from blue to sunny…

  4. Hope you are feeling less blue now, Martha, after your time out with Bear and the birds.
    In Australia, there is a politician that is known for her racist views. She recently called for a motion to be moved in parliament, stating that all lives matter, but that’s not what her policy platform stands for. Context is important, right? She is coming from a very different base than you, Martha.
    Take care. There is refuge in Heaven. 😉

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