Will Bark for Bread

“Martha! Martha! MARTHA!!! MARTHA!!! MARTHA!!!!!”

“Just stop, you guys. I barely finally got to sleep.” It’s been rough. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I go to sleep for three hours and then I wake up and THINK for three more… This is partly a summer thing, but mostly it’s the fucking state of the world…

“But MARTHA!!!! This is really serious!!!!!!! There’s a GUY doing stuff on OUR PORCH!!!! OUR porch!!! MARTHA!!!!”

I get up after another almost sleepless night. I open the front door and check the box (a Barkbox with the word “bread” written on it in red colored pencil) I left out the night before. Inside is a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. In a waxed paper bag is little cinnamon roll from Tumbleweed Bread (which is literally next door).


19 thoughts on “Will Bark for Bread

  1. Martha Martha Martha MARTHA….a good little read and how wondrous to have a bread delivery for breakfast. I’ll have a couple of slices 🙂 thanks for joining in

  2. I love a good raisin bread but alas Sparky refuses to consume raisins, or grapes for that matter. Hope you can enjoy the bread and the roll and pause for just a bit in the worry… It is nice that you have a built in intruder alert system. Ranger was good for that until about 13 yrs of age. Then he would sleep through almost anything!

    • Oh, poor Ranger! Missing out on a dog’s great joy. Now that I know that a lot of us are not sleeping I think I might relax a bit. If it’s just how things are now, then, OK. What strange times…

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