Teddy’s Gotcha’ Day Conversation

“It’s been a whole year, Teddy. You’ve lived with Bear and me for a whole year now.”

“What’s a year?”

“It’s an arbitrary unit of time based on the rotation of the earth and its journey around the sun.”

“Earth? Rotation? Journey? In the CAR? I love that. Are we going in the car? I’m really good at jumping up into my seat.”

“You are, Teddy. Everything I’ve taught you, you’ve learned well. I’m very proud of you, little guy. I’m really happy you’re here with us.”

“Bear’s not. “


“She thinks I’m going to steal her rawhide cookie.”

“Well, are you?”

“Well, yeah. I’m a dog. But I won’t chew it. It’s too big.”

“Ah, Teddy. So what do you want to do on your big day?”

“This day is BIGGER than other days? But there’s no snow.”

“True. It’s pretty much just Monday.”


“Never mind, Teddy. I’d just like to celebrate your day somehow.”

“I celebrate every day, Martha.”

“Good point, little guy.”

“Are you going to give me your coffee cup sometime today?”

“What’s ‘today’?”

“Monday. You said so.”

Teddy and his morning cup-o-dregs


Teddy is ALWAYS leashed, by the way. He’s the kind of little guy who would bolt off and chase a car.


39 thoughts on “Teddy’s Gotcha’ Day Conversation

  1. Martha — I think we should celebrate with a nice walk in the Big Empty, followed by a nice nap on or near the new deck in the back yard. Thank you — and thank you so much for taking such good care of me and teaching me things. — Love, Teddy

  2. Happy Gotcha Day, Teddy! You found the most awesome owner. And don’t worry about your brother. Under that fur lies a soul that would be sad to not see you. Sip sip hooray buddy. Finley says congrats too! 💚🤍❤🐶

      • Ziggy does not understand this fondness for coffee. He likes morning coffee time because its very likely that someone will sit still and he can climb up and get his daily touch work fix.

          • Teddy, I Ziggy get sick when I eat stuff with cream in it. My mom is real surprised that I only like to eat my crunchies and my Fussie cat wet food.

            • “Martha explained that you’re a cat. I don’t know anything about what cats like except the cats that belong to the neighbors like mice. Still your pal, Teddy Bear T. Dog <3"

              • I Ziggy like dogs. I used to live with them in my other homes. I don’t like other cats, cause they were mean to me and I had to move. I would like you to come visit and play with me, but my Moms don’t let me go outside because of things that hunt cats.

                • I think I’d chase you, Ziggy. I’m sorry. I wouldn’t mean anything by it except you need to get in your pen. ❤ Teddy Bear T. Dog

  3. Happy Gotcha Day Teddy. You are living a great life and dont worry about this time malarkey, it is apparently just an abstract concept. Gotcha Days are very important as they make you aware of just how long it is since you allowed your human to adopt you.

  4. He is a keeper! He’s the kind of people pleasing dog that is so willing to learn! Happy Belated Gotcha’ Day to Teddy!

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