Politics (Sorry) Not a Very Interesting Post…

That old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times,” it’s sure proving its curse value right now.

Last night something like 85 cities across the United States erupted in support of the African American man, George Floyd, who was killed by a white cop. I can’t begin to “write” about this. Part of my brain refuses to perceive it and that’s OK. It doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions but they are the opinions any person with a conscience should have. What happened to Floyd is wrong. Rioting is not demonstrating. Outsiders are involved. People are frustrated from being “locked down” because of C-19. It’s a perfect storm, and, selfishly, maybe, though I couldn’t change anything anyway, I’m glad I live here.

One big problem right now in the United States is the absence of leadership. Last night (the night before, the night before and the event itself) should have brought the president to the front of the “ship of state” to make a statement that would calm the nation. In the times he has spoken about it, he’s made it worse, giving tacit permission to far right groups to travel to hot spots and aggravate the situation. Last night he was invisible which was certainly for the best. Some of the best rioting was in front of the White House, but the occupant wasn’t home.

This vacuum has left leadership up to the governors of the various states. That and the C-19 debacle has given me a lot of respect for the governor of my state and many other states. Our system of government has many flaws but one thing that has proven NOT to be a flaw during this chain of disaster is the descending line of authority from BIG (the president) to SMALLER (the states) to SMALLEST (cities and towns). Since there’s a vacuum at the top, the “lower” order of leadership has stepped in, particularly in California and New York City. I guess when things are working, elements of the Constitution remain silent, invisible, but when things break? We get Goveronor Cuomo suddenly in the public eye making policy for our own good.

Not long ago I wrote a friend in Italy that he couldn’t understand what’s happening in this country without being here. He’d written me, giving me advice, implying that I might not know which candidate to vote for in November. He wrote to the effect that there is no real choice between Biden and Trump and that the devil you know is better than the one you don’t. In my mind I said to him, “You have no idea what you’ve said.” When I answered, I told him that he’d have to be here to understand and that we are currently involved in a kind of civil war. Since I wrote him, that civil war has escalated. I wonder what he sees now from where he sits, somewhere in Italy?

Anyway, I haven’t said anything here everyone doesn’t already know. I don’t have any answers. I don’t understand why skin color matters to anyone — sure, there it is, but so what? I don’t like being dismissed as a “White Person” and it’s obvious to me that no one would like to be dismissed as a Black person or a Latino person or an Asian person. There’s nothing more superficial than skin color, in a certain sense. In other senses, though, it has meaning, cultural meaning. Not all whites come from the same background, have the same heritage. That’s true of every single one of us whatever color we are. Any thinking person knows this. I cannot for the life of me understand why this isn’t obvious to everyone.


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  1. Politics…how can we avoid it. It is everywhere. I do think it – and the horrific happenings of this past week – merit discussion and I appreciated reading your post. I thought of the perfect storm part too. Oh my, if only there had been a leader who could calm and comfort. And “the devil you know…” comment?? That is scary.

    • That’s the end of that. I don’t like being told how to think. I wish all three surviving former presidents had gotten together on Zoom or something and stepped into the void. I wish there were some way to get rid of that ineffective and evil person in the White House.

  2. In the midst of all that was happening last night, all he could do was blame a Democratic governor? Dipshit is too good for him.

  3. Yes. *sigh* This presidency is a disaster and perhaps the most success achieved is in tweeting and spawning more disasters! I wish the words were true- liberty and justice for all.

  4. I, too, had the thought about our being in the middle of a civil war! This morning when I opened email, I was greeted with a poster-style statement on a neighborhood chat site:

    We are all humans until
    Race disconnected us
    Religion separated us
    Politics divided us
    Wealth classified us

    • I’m not sure that’s true. I think we’re just an adversarial species and our whole history has been a tug-o-war between us and them. That said, I really love this and would like to have found that in my email this morning. ❤ I love that it says, "We can choose" which seems to me to be the main idea here. We can choose to be connected in spite of race; We can choose to respect other religions; We can recognize that politics exist to help us choose the best leader for all the people; We can choose to be happy with what we have.

  5. thanks for contributing your thoughts. That’s what blogging is all about: sharing our thoughts and inspirations with the world.

    I’m truly saddened about the States of things down there. And it’s not new; Martin Luther King Jr was shot before “our day” and so was JFK. In that sense you’re right: we are an adversarial bunch. It takes a major change of heart to make a person stop automatically seeing colour or race or culture or religion or various orientations as “Big Bad Them.”

    I’m sad that your leadership isn’t what it could/should be, but glad for the good news you’ve shared: that state governors are stepping up and issuing statements.

    Not to ever justify wrong, but we should consider, when the media gets fired up with a story like this, that law officers have good reason to fear. They won’t get any mercy from a criminal, either, no matter what race. I recall reading a news story some years back of a black man, having just committed a crime, who wrestled the gun away from a pursuing cop, and to cheers and shouts of “Shoot him!” from the crowd of black folks around them, killed the officer in cold blood.

    We’ve seen the same situation here at times with racial issues. Police feel their hands are tied; non-white gang members are in and out of jail. Cops know these guys are violent and would kill them in the blink of an eye, but if they draw their gun everybody hollers, “Race, race.” If they shoot first, it turns out to be someone fairly harmless, maybe drunk or stoned or just passing by. If the cop doesn’t shoot, he gets killed. I can understand some of the hair-trigger tension they must feel at times.

    • JFK and MLK were killed during my lifetime. I remember the 60’s and 70’s turmoil very well. The “us v. them” thing seems to be part of the human psyche. We expect it. Anthropologists thought for a long time that Homo sapiens killed off the Neanderthals. That was their “go-to” theory, but evidence is indicating that we all just inter-bred. What a sad thing, though, to assume genocide FIRST.

      It’s impossible to generalize the situation between cops and anyone, and with tensions so high, anger so close to the surface, I don’t think anyone is themself. Many cities have had cops who joined the demonstration. That’s a lovely thing to see. I had a very bad experience with an off-duty black policeman years ago. Racial hatred can go both ways.

  6. there were many references to “the perfect storm” of this situation and its true. I have barely written about it myself. It was a horrible event. Luckily at least in my view my local politicians and Police chiefs have also condemned and asked for cooler heads to prevail and that respect must be given.

    That being said there were at least three demonstrations two were “highway blocking traffic type” and the other erupted in to something dangerous.

  7. I don’t know much about Joe Biden but I would not have thought that this was a situation where “the Devil you know” was an appropriate suggestion. I can’t imagine that he or anyone could be as bad as what you have got.
    I was thinking yesterday while I was reading about rioting and burning and the President almost inciting people to violence that if you took out all references to the USA from the article and asked people to guess what country was being discussed I would not have guessed right. I would have thought that it was some country with a turbulent history being run by a dictator or military junta or something. I am so sorry that your President cares so little for you.

    • Biden has experience governing. He was Obama’s Vice President. He understands government, has good relations with international leaders and will be able to go to work on Day 1. I hope he chooses good people for his cabinet — young people.

      Yeah, I feel like I’m living in a different country from that in which I was born. The president isn’t “almost inciting people” he IS inciting people. It’s very sad and most of us are completely helpless. Maybe we all are. The Senate is 100% Trump no matter what he pulls or he would have been removed from office months ago. 😦

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