Quotidian Update Where there Could Have Been a Story, Damned Dogs

I’m sorry, Rag Tag Daily Prompt. I got nothing for the word “gossamer.” Lovely word, but nothing about my state of mind is gossamer except the thread that contains my temper.

Dogs. They’ve dug in the garden and in the little bark plots I worked on so hard. Every inch I claim from the dust pit that is my yard involves some pretty hard labor. The house is a constant mess because of the dust and I’d just like LESS of it. This morning I lost it, called them stupid fucking dogs and tried to close the back door before they could come in. But I failed. They thought it was a game.

They don’t understand that every bit of destruction they cause takes away from cool stuff like walks in the Big Empty. Dogs are all instant gratification. No way to negotiate with them, saying, “If you would stop digging there, I wouldn’t have to take fifteen minutes out of my ever-shortening life to fix the damage.”

I don’t get why when they have a HUGE yard in back of the house all to themselves, they don’t hang out there. It seems if I’m going to have a garden at all I’m going to have to get a legit fence and keep the dogs OUT.

Yeah, that’s free.

I have all my favorite books here in the living room (or room of all work that is not sleep and cooking and painting) but that has to change. This house is tiny, so I don’t know HOW that’s going to change or where they could go that’s less dusty. I’m on the verge of throwing everything out the front door. The last time I set a box out there for people to take what they wanted, the “village idiot” (he’s not really an idiot, but definitely mentally different. He’s the guy who used to stop at my house come into my yard and pet Mindy every day when she was alive) complained that there were none of his favorite authors. Then he told me what he liked and asked if I had any of those books. He was prepared to wait while I went back into the house and checked.

And we had a freeze last night that took out one of the little tomatoes. Frost was NOT in the forecast.


On the bright side, Li Bai, Tu Fu and Li Ho seem untouched by the frost.


29 thoughts on “Quotidian Update Where there Could Have Been a Story, Damned Dogs

  1. This is why I don’t even try to stop the cats from scratching on every piece of furniture in the living room. I have no good furniture any more. **Please do sit down on the less ragged chair and I hope you don’t mind cat hair.**

    • Yep. Bear has a chair. It’s only 5 years old and she’s broken the spring. I guess when we open our homes to a different species we have to take what they bring with them…

  2. I felt so worried when I began to read this and thought that the Chinese triplets were no longer. Thank goodness they survived. Is there nothing you an spray on the garden to keep the hounds away. An orange or lemon would be enough for a cat, but I am not sure what dogs do not like.

    • I’ve learned that Bear is burying her rawhide pencils out there. I’m messing with HER world. I think the beans are fine. Tonight everything gets covered, though. According to the forecast it is the last freeze of the spring. We’ll see…

  3. Have you got any bubble wrap to put over the plants? It’s light and it keeps them insulated x
    As to the dogs, I think a chicken wire fence might be the simplest solution (unless they jump) “x

  4. I think dogs just don’t get gardening. They see us burying something in the ground so of course, they must dig it up again. My sister told me a story of having spent quite some time planting bulbs in her garden only to have her dog dig them out and bring them all to the back door. I think you will need to get a legit fence that they won’t get over. Then at least you’ll only have other pests to protect your plants from. I had to move my potted roses three times because the local wildlife keeps nibbling the leaves off. I’m probably going to end up getting some kind of shadehouse to put them in.

    • You’re right. I discovered just now (out there fixing the damage) Bear is burying her rawhide pencils and digging them up. I’m sure SHE thinks I’m messing with HER plans.

  5. If I could bring my long gone doggoes back with the proviso that they would destroy my yard, I’d put a picture of a verdant lawn on my wall and look at it whenever I missed my own. And then go play with the dogs again.

    “Dog’s lives are too short. Their only flaw, really.” – Agnes Sligh Turnbull

    Sorry about the tomato, though. I’ll mail you one of mine 🙂

  6. Dust and hair….one of the many things we just have to learn to live with if we’re going to have dogs. I’m always sweeping up my fur carpet! I know the burying things is frustrating, Ophelia likes to do that too, and yesterday she decides to lay right on top of a lupine I had just planted. I was messing with an open spot she’d been enjoying this spring, my bad, but I didn’t move it.

  7. Oh no. Freshly dug over dirt just cannot be resisted. It just cannot. Ever. The smells! The treasures. A reasonable temporary fence is needed otherwise forget it. That’s why I’ve got attractive (not) wire barricades everywhere.

  8. What a day! No gossamer going on for sure. I think you invaded dog territory by mistake. Sigh. A fence is the only way to lay claim. Good luck!

  9. Tee hee (she smirks, having living through the same with her own dogs)! Unsolicited advice: Dogs rule, don’t even try to win at their game!

  10. So sorry that the reclamation project is going to the dogs! I was very lucky – Ranger didn’t do much digging and he didn’t get on the furniture. He did track in all kinds of dust and dirt and shed like a maniac! I’m still finding hair and he’s been gone 5 years. I was relieved to hear that the bean brothers have survived. I’m in agreement – a fence is absolutely required to prevent further destruction!

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