Someone asked me recently if I was getting tired of being confined. I haven’t actually BEEN confined. For me this is not a lot different from my normal life. What’s missing is socializing with my friends but that happens very occasionally anyway. But psychically yeah, I feel confined.

I don’t think I’m alone. I think other people have had a challenge “knuckling down” to creative work. No artist can expect to be creative all the time. I know that, but there’s something different about this hiatus. Part of me doesn’t give a shit about anything at the moment. I think part of this is related to in execrable political bullshit that has grown up around it and OFFAL’s use of this virus to further his political agenda.

This morning I saw a video of hundreds — thousands? — of overweight young white people in a shallow pool in Missouri. The scene resembled the time LONG ago when I pulled out my trash compactor and saw thousands of maggots writhing on a piece of lunch meat. Among the things I’ve learned during this moment is that extraverts are really different from introverts. We might be different species.

That people are willing to deny clear, demonstrable evidence of danger to themselves and others so that they can stand around in lukewarm water with a bunch of strangers is completely incomprehensible to me.

Tomorrow, the big city in the San Luis Valley — Alamosa — is having a protest/parade in honor of Memorial Day (allegedly). The irony of THAT is more than I can handle. It will be an armed protest designed to “protect businesses from law enforcement and the health department.” The people involved actually believe they are honoring the fallen military and fighting for the rights of the American people in doing this. From where I sit, people are likely to stay away from Alamosa tomorrow, but who knows?

Thank god for the Big Empty.

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  1. We had small protests in Britain, but it got very little support. Then out wonderful leader (not) told people they could drive as far as they want to in England to exercise! Beaches were full! Madness

  2. We have had a few protests too but by and large people understand things have to be this way for a while. In the beginning, a lot of people were crowding at beaches so the authorities closed the popular ones, this was mostly in NSW and Queensland and didn’t affect me here although for a few days I did avoid the beach until I’d made sure that it was OK to walk there.
    The idea that in a civilised country people would have an armed protest to “protect businesses from law enforcement and the health department.” is so bizarre to me. In many ways, I feel Australians and Americans are quite alike but when this sort of thing happens I wonder what planet some Americans are from.

    • I don’t know what planet they’re from. I think there’s been an undercurrent of this in this culture since 9/11/01. That event seems like it might have spawned the permanent paranoiac perspective that people are out to get us and take our freedom away.

  3. And those will be the exact same people who complain, when they come down with covid-19, that nobody protected them! I remain hopeful that life will become less foreign to us after November!

  4. I hear you loud and clear. The confinement and the creative juices drying up. I saw that video of all those people too. Either they don’t care or are ignorant or both. It will need to get personal for more people before behavior has a chance of changing.

    • I have to get a handle on that creative thing. I think, for me, it’s the only way out. I need not to watch what others are doing so much. I think there’s a part of me that just doesn’t want people to be stupid and hurt themselves and others. I deplore the acrimony and stupidity. I dunno. I know I’m not alone, but I can’t fix it. 😦

      • Such needless stupidity too. No you’re not alone. Knowing we can’t fix it makes it even harder. I may need to cut down on news viewing once again.😟

  5. Oh Martha! I am seeing a similar effect here. Sparky went to the grocery because we needed one essential item. He was met with throngs of people without masks ignoring the 6 feet distancing guidelines. He nearly fled the store. There are those of us who are more level headed and refuse to take chances with our health (and the health of others). Son#1 who works at a grocery is completely disgusted by the majority of shoppers. Seems that many think he can’t hear them through the mask – so they pull it off their faces to talk to him. His reaction is to back away from them. It is getting crazy and I’m waiting for the # of cases to skyrocket….

    • I think the cases will sky rocket. I only hope innocent people who have vulnerabilities that we can’t see aren’t hurt by it. I’m disgusted, frankly, by the entitled attitude and the stupidity. I’ve been really sad all day. 😦

  6. What a surprise. No demonstrations in Switzerland, at least none big enough to cause a headline anywhere. There are a few voices of disconcern in newspapers and a few organisations that feel more could be done to again enable them to make money. I don’t know what the fuss is about. I am content to be at home, go for a wheelie in my chair now and again and fraternise with people in town when I go shopping, naturally at a distance.

  7. The line on your original post about feeling confined in an increasingly alien country resonated with me. I don’t understand the thought processes of so many fellow Americans.

  8. Love the warning sign! Maybe the armed protests are really a false flag event sponsored by health care workers who have been laid off and are hoping to drum up more business. 😉

  9. With the current situation (June) world wide protests. I too can not imagine being in those places. Certainly not in that pool senario in the photograph YUKKY! I too have not found my life so much different from the days before Covid. Though as we come out of a few restrictions and lockdown, here in Tassie. The one place the real difference is noticed for me is the library. You can no longer browse the books in the library. You have to order them on line and then line up social distancing if anyone else is picking up their books. You put returned books in a library provided back which is sitting outside the library, you sanatise your hands then go into the library. You place that bag with the books on the table that bars you entry into the actually book area. You then say(if you are not known who you are and the librarian will put these books you are borrowing onto the other desk edge, where their is a card swipe for you to swipe your card. You do this, you can not get a print out, and you take the books. You have to put the books in your own bag outside. That is a huge difference.

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