Garden of the Summer Aspirations

Yesterday Li Bai, Tu Fu and Li Ho made their way out to the Garden of Summer Aspirations, accompanied by their domestic attendants, Golden Squash and Harvest Moon Squash (apparently the squash from these plants are yellow. Time will tell).

The procession was quiet, unattended by hangers on. To protect the well-being of each other and the beans, crowds that might have gathered stayed away.

Li Bai and Tu Fu, as lifelong friends, are pleased to spend this time in proximity to each other. Li Ho, always considered somewhat of a rebel, is enjoying solitude between the two attendants.

A Dream of Heaven

The hoary hare and frosty toad have washed the sky with tears.
Half open the cloudy pavilion, its wall slanting white,
And the jade wheel grinding dew wets its orb of light;
Wearing phoenix pendants they meet on a path sweet with cassia.
Those to whom the magic isles below are but yellow dust and clear water;
A thousand years flash by like galloping horses,
The nine continents far away seem nine wisps of smoke,
The vast ocean no more than water spilled from a cup.

Li Ho

17 thoughts on “Garden of the Summer Aspirations

  1. Your plants are looking healthy and happy! I broke the stem on the only zucchini seed that sprouted indoors. I was mad at myself, but I stuck it in water about a week ago and today I noticed new roots!!

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