Since I wrote this blog post, “How Green is Blue?” I’ve painted with REAL ultramarine blue made of lapis lazuli. I found it very very different from synthetic ultramarine which is more uniform in texture, more opaque and more intense in oil paint, anyway.

The mountains here are synthetic ultramarine; the sky cerulean blue; the shadows synthetic ultramarine tinted with white and gray
Cerulean and real ultramarine sky. The mountains and snow shadows are ultramarine blue made from Lapis Lazuli.
Blue chart from Gamblin Oil Paints, the brand I usually paint with

As for the other kind of blues? I’m feeling it today.

28 thoughts on “Blue

  1. That painting of the snow with the fence has long been a favorite of mine. Who knew there were so many shades of blue?!

    • I guess that depends on the complexity of one’s personality 😉

      Added to those blues are all the variations you get by mixing in white or gray or even yellow. I think every artist has their favorite blue. Many like cobalt blue and I don’t even own a tube of it!

  2. Sorry you’re feeling blue — time for a walk with one of the dogs! It’s beautiful here today! Sunny and comfortable temp and little or no wind. The kind of day that I wish every day could be!Unfortunately, we have another heat wave on the way, and it will be in the 90’s in a few days!

  3. Ride with the blue waves…. who knew brush strokes in a paint chart could be so appealing!? I’ve never heard of Lapis Lazuli..I love the sky in the first painting.

  4. I am so glad that an old prompt of mine has lead to these wonderful creations Martha. You really have the blues on the palette. Thanks for joining in 🙂

  5. A beautiful and intense celestial color. Symbol for spirit and wisdom. The lapiz lazuli stone is used as a third eye chakra in meditation and is said to tone the mind and heart of the wearer. It’s one of my favourite shades of blue and those are some really pretty paintings.

    • Thank you! It’s a miraculous color, all right. For a while I often dreamed about it. I’ve really loved having the REAL ultramarine to paint with. It’s a magical pigment. I can only aspire to “spirit and wisdom” but when that paint is on my brush, great things happen in my paintings. It’s expensive, but I wish I’d always known it.

  6. It is striking how much difference there between the synthetic and natural pigments. I’m enamored with the sky over the potato shed. It is awesome! Are you starting any new paintings? I’d love to see a painting of Bear in the Big Empty with the wind and the sky and the blue! (Hope all the blue stays in the tube and on the canvas and not in your soul)

    • All the pigments I used for the potato barn painting are natural pigments except some of the cerulean in the sky and the bits of turquoise on the door (mixed cerulean with yellow ochre). I’m not painting right now. Still trying to get the garden going. 🙂 A painting of Bear in the big empty would be something. ❤

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