Hard to Beat a Sky Like This

Hot(ish) out here in the back-of-beyond but also windy and cloudy so, at Bear’s insistence, I headed out to the Big Empty. As long as the wind is blowing, I’m comfortable. The clouds drifted over us, and some were quite spectacular. In the distance, virga rained in the sky.

It was just nice to be out there with Bear. She alerted me to most of the scat along the road and stood with me in the wind, listening to the birds.

I have no great profound insight from our little ramble. I’m just glad we went, that it was cool enough for us, and that we were together.

17 thoughts on “Hard to Beat a Sky Like This

    • Yeah. He knows he will get his turn. I wish I could take them together, but it’s impossible. On the off chance there’s another dog, it would be really bad for me. Bear’s also OK if I take Teddy by himself. ❀

  1. Sometimes these days it’s enough to say that you’re glad you went for a walk with Bear and that you are glad to have been together πŸ™‚ !

    • I’d planned to take her this evening, thinking today would be as hot as yesterday, but it has been cooler and the wind has a chill to it. Thank goodness!! πŸ™‚ It doesn’t mean anything to a dog when you say, “Later, Bear, when it’s cooler.” Meaningless.

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