Yet Another Quotidian Update, this One Without Beans

Every summer I have to make this adjustment from going out with the dogs in the middle of the day and surrendering to going out in the evening. Last evening Teddy and I headed out to the Big Empty. Normally I’d just take the easy way and wander around the hood through the golf course, but it was Sunday meaning league golf. So, why not head out and see what our friends the geese, blackbirds, meadowlarks, mountains, sky and light were doing at 7:30 pm?

The Refuge was beautiful. Mt. Blanca was lit by the sun coming from the west, every valley and cornice visible and luminous. The little bit of remaining snow tinged golden in the late-day light. Teddy, of course, was very happy to get the chance to take his inventory of goose excrement. According to him, there was no new carnivore scat to report.

He really wanted to see the bunny again.

I’ve been communicating with the director of the Rio Grande County Museum and something she wrote made me feel the urge to get on with the project — Swiss Immigrants in the San Luis Valley. Sit down, sit down. I know you’re excited and can’t wait, but I have no idea when or if this will happen. I started writing my little talk and, as I did, I began to wonder if the community could endure a series on this topic because I think that would be epic (literally).

Most important, I became absorbed in what I was writing for the first time since the virus. I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff done in these two months but none of it was really interesting. Maybe this is a step in the evolution of living with this thing. Maybe this is a stage a lot of other people are reaching, maybe it’s (along with money) a reason for the strong urge to “open up” the country. Down here that’s a huge thing. Tourism and potatoes are the biggies in this economy and people down here — where most businesses are small businesses — are eager to get on with life. We’ve had a total of 75 identified cases and one death down here which, for me, is an argument AGAINST opening to tourism but…

I made my every-two-weeks trek for groceries yesterday, ski buff at the ready to pull up over my nose and mouth. As I waited in the parking lot, I saw that most people going in and out of the store were wearing masks. It hit me that IF people did not resist that small thing, the business of opening up might be OK.

In other news, Ancestry DNA has revealed yet another amazing trait: I like coffee. Don’t be fooled by “You said you have 1 to 2 caffeinated drinks a day.” It is one giant cup of espresso = 6 little espresso cups. 😀

Although I promised no beans, Tu Fu wanted to share this with you.

Night in a Room by the River

Evening rises toward the mountain trails.
as I climb up to my high chamber

Thin Clouds lodge along the cliffs.
A lonely moon rocks slowly on the waves.

A line of cranes flaps silently overhead,
and, far off, a howling pack of wolves.

Sleepless, memories of war betray me.
I am powerless against the world. ❤

13 thoughts on “Yet Another Quotidian Update, this One Without Beans

  1. You changed your header photo? It’s beautiful! This is part of your walk? Well, I sat down and I am excited! I hope this works out with the museum, Martha.

  2. Maybe that project was waiting for just this moment in time. Who knows – lucky to have found inspiration to write in the midst of this craziness. Write and watch the garden grow – sounds good to me 🙂
    (Those Ancestry DNA people…brilliant!)

  3. I loved the update on Teddy’s adventure – lucky for the bunny to have missed Teddy’s attentions… I do hope you get to do your presentation and maybe if it is well received you can do a series!! I’m trying to decide which or the DNA tests to take. My mother has done several. My sister did the Ancestry one. I’m still trying to decide if it will tell me anything I don’t already know.

    • I’ve found it really interesting that some of the stuff I have loved to do (like run) is actually in my DNA. I didn’t know there were DNA markers for liking caffeine. So, for me it hasn’t been so much about learning new stuff about myself, but learning that some of it is literally hard-wired.

      I only did Ancestry because I’d built my family tree there. I don’t know if it’s the best test out there. Ancestry doesn’t tell you what diseases you may be prone to. I don’t want to know. 🙂

  4. I would have missed the change to your header photo if not for Lois’s comment. I was spellbound by the photo of Mt Blanca and the wave of grass in the foreground. I just love the light and the grandeur. Were these photos taken with your newly charged camera? Also, is that one of your poems, Martha? It is beautiful. It personifies the San Luis Valley that you’ve described in your prose.

    Your coffee comment made me smile. That’s more like it. 🙂

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