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Teddy is sitting here looking at me with his supernatural, mind-reading, Australian shepherd, “I recognize the songs of three different birds!!!” intelligence and sending the telepathic message, “You EVER going to give me that coffee cup?” Ahead of me is a chore I’m dreading. I have to dig up a bunch of ground to plant a garden in which Li Bai, Tu Fu and Li Ho will repose for the summer along with some squash.

The baby tomatoes are jonesing for dirt, but they aren’t ready. I’ve talked to them and they are, you know, teenagers and they just say, “How do YOU know? YOU’RE not me!”

Adolescent tomato plants, what can you do? In their naïveté they expect one sunny day after another, a peaceful rosy-hued future of blooming and fruiting, but I know it could still get very, very, very cold — at least one more time.

Meanwhile, in the actual YARD, progress has slowed due to depleted funds. It doesn’t really matter. I’m the only one who lives here — well the dogs — and I don’t care that much. The dogs have adjusted well to the changes and I think the fact that I have had to do this a little at a time has helped with that.

I have yet to “enjoy” my deck, but that will happen once I plant the babies and the umbrella is erected. Meanwhile, the babies catch their daily sun from the top of the bistro table and conspire with the Genovese basil to overthrow my governance.

That’s plants for you. You carefully stick their little seeds into seed starters, nurture them with love and attention and then?

Evening After Rain
Tu Fu

Sudden winds brought rain this afternoon
to save my thirsty garden.

Now sunset steams the grass
and the river softly glistens.

Who’ll organize my scattered books?
Tonight I’ll fill and fill my glass.

I know they love to talk about me
But no one faults me for my reclusive life.


22 thoughts on “About Plants

  1. That’s great that the dogs are adjusting to your deck — and you’ll be able to enjoy it when summer finally arrives! The beans and tomatoes will do well there, too, and you’ll soon have a wonderful yard!

  2. I’m jealous! I come from a long line of brown thumbs, and any veggies or flowers we’ve deliberately set out to grow have failed miserably. The one thing we managed to grow was a pot plant, and that was an accident!

  3. I so enjoy the messages Teddy and Bear send you. I think the slow and steady progress on the deck is going to make it all worthwhile. I am excited for you!

  4. Apparently everyone and everything is communicating effectively. Those 3 plants on the sill appear to be lecturing the class of teens below. Who do appear to be paying close attention – despite the sun in their eyes.

  5. Good grief! My basil plants have an evil streak too! Sparky planted them with the tomatoes but the basil is leaning over into the nearest tomato cage… and the sun comes from the other direction. I’ve hypothesized that they are a vampiric strain looking to suck the life from the still tiny tomato.

    • Ha ha ha! The basil is saying, “You’re going to be caprese, you know that, right? You think things are fine, but NO. They’re going to pick us and eat us. Maybe even spaghetti sauce.” It’s well known that basil is smarter than tomatoes.

  6. I really enjoyed this post..maybe because I’ve been having chats with my plants too. Our temperatures are warming, but the winds are still cold …50 km gusts, makes gardening a little less pleasant.

    • That kind of wind happens here this season, too. My yard is sheltered from the wind on four sides so it takes a lot of wind from an atypical direction, but it happens.

      I wonder if everyone talks to their plants?

  7. Even teenage tomatoes are “mouthy” 😆 Mine look like yours too. And I seem to chat with them as I do Finley 🐶

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