Entitled and Exceptional

It’s a cool rainy day here in the Back of Beyond so Bear and I headed out early to the Big Empty. It was fantastic. Cold. Windy. Rainy. The next best thing to snow. The air was soft and humid. There were more birds than I’ve seen out there since the cranes left. Bear was so happy to be cold she actually wagged her tail and ran a bit which is a challenge for me but hey, I rose to the challenge (somewhat).

I stopped and watched swallows flying inches above an irrigation canal, catching insects. I noticed that there are now grebes in the pond with the geese and a wider variety of ducks. I even got a half-way decent shot of a yellow-headed black bird.

Paradisal, even to the wind blasting my head on the way back. A friendly couple Bear and I have welcomed several other times drove by in their old Subaru and we waved in COVID-19 style passionate recognition of mutual humanity, and then…

Two words I’ve heard for years and never fully understood — entitled and exceptional. Today I got it. Bear had jumped up in Bella and I’d fastened her leash to the carabiner that keeps her from jumping out and AWAY!!!! As I got into the driver’s seat, I saw an SUV pull in with a little U-Haul trailer behind it. A fat blond woman got out. She watched me and I got the impression she needed help. When I pulled around I stopped and said, “Are you OK?”

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. I’m just going to let my dog run.” I saw a large dog in the back seat of her car.

I’m sure she saw my face change from helpful friendliness to something resembling, “No you fucking don’t you whore.”

“Just around here,” she said. “I’ve done it before.”

I thought to myself, “Martha, you have no authority here.” I just said, “You don’t want to get yelled at.” The rangers DO live there but they’re NEVER out.

I drove away thinking, “Sweet cheeks, there is a LARGE SIGN saying dogs are allowed but must be leashed. It asks us to clean up after our dogs. It’s very clear. That is because this is a WILDLIFE REFUGE. That means it’s a refuge for wildlife, all the birds all the animals the rabbits the snakes the deer, the coyotes, the elk, the foxes, and whatever else wants to live here. It is not a fucking dog park. There are dozens of places within a few miles of here where you could let your dog run and shit. You don’t have the RIGHT to do what you’re doing, and I KNOW (now that I know about you) that you don’t clean up after your dog. And, if anyone ever needed to put a leash on a dog and take a walk with it, it’s you.”

I am pretty unhappy. I keep my dogs leashed for good reason. Bear will roam and doesn’t take kindly to other dogs unless properly introduced. Teddy is young and excitable. I NEED places to walk with them where I won’t encounter unleashed dogs. Beyond my own (selfish) needs, the birds and animals need a refuge from us. Humans are so selfish with the world without understanding it, without understanding that they DON’T understand it.

26 thoughts on “Entitled and Exceptional

  1. I share your ticked off ness! What’s the matter with some people😡

  2. I wish you lived nearer. It’s thundering and pouring and it’s COLD. We didn’t get spring. I hope we don’t also miss summer. We need a season.

  3. Ugh. Such idiots ruin things for the rest of us. You’re justifiably pissed! If she and others flout the rules often enough, soon the rangers won’t allow leashed dogs there either, as it’s simpler on their end to prohibit all dogs rather than try to enforce the leash law.

    I say next time rub in the guilt by reminding such idiots what the signs say. “Can you read?” you ask innocently, and when they say yes, you suggest they prove it by reading and obeying the sign.

    • I’m a little afraid of being shot. I’m going THERE because the wild life areas — though they have posted signs “Dogs must be leashed” — are full of off-leash dogs and dumbass people. I used to let my dogs run but NEVER in a place where there were a lot of people. And now I have a dog I cannot let run (I couldn’t let the huskies run, either for different reasons) because she would hurt someone else’s dog if it came at her wrong. I think I’m going to be getting into more and more remote areas. I’d better get a beacon!

  4. I guess they are all over the place – and I thought they were concentrated in Indiana! So many people who ignore the rules or thing that the rules don’t apply to them… I feel your frustration. I do hope she is cited and learns her lesson!

  5. I hope this woman is the exception!
    (also – where is your great post from today about the brunch? – or did I imagine it? – or I am hopelessly lost – these days anything is possible…)

    • I trashed that post. I realized today (not one of my better ones) that thinking and writing about this is seriously depressing. However, the best part still exists… 🙂

      “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect brunch, establish omelets, insure the accessibility of menus, provide for the common right to stand in line for breakfast cocktails, promote the general satiation, and secure the Blessings of Breakfast to ourselves and our immediate family, friends and a shitload of strangers, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

      • Yes it can be seriously depressing – I get that. Sometimes writing about it can help and sometimes it backfires. Recently I find that my thoughts just freeze up and writing slows on all counts.
        I do love this alternate constitution quote. It made me smile. Thanks for sharing it again 🙂

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