Life’s little pitfalls. I have learned to thaw my frozen fruit over night, pour protein powder on it in the morning, add the banana, add the yogurt (which I forgot this morning) smash it together with a fork, smash it further with the electric beater, add OJ and VOILÁ! A smoothie. But the thing about life is just as you cope well with one major adversity (ha ha) another one hits you.

Here I was yesterday afternoon, minding my own business (wondering what my own business was, actually), and I heard a huge crash outside. If you recall (since the events of my life are certainly topmost in your minds) I live on a major US highway. I thought it was just another semi pulling an empty cattle trailer but OH NO. Someone crashed into my mailbox, kept traveling, took part of the mailbox with them leaving behind some Kia body parts, and knocked over the no parking sign before heading off west, leaving behind part of my mailbox at the cop shop.

My neighbor knocked on my door. I went out to see this. We called the cops who came promptly, took our oral reports, looked at the scene, took off again. “We’ll find him. He left a trail of oil.”

OK this is just a big pain in the butt because, you know, mail.

A few years ago the snow plow knocked over my mailbox. I stuck it in the perma- drift made by the snow plows for the rest of the winter, then I bought a plastic one that had a sleeve that slipped over the post. The post cover is at the cop shop, covered with oil right now, but the box part is fine and sitting in my yard.

It would seem I don’t live in a mailbox safe zone

I called my post office. Here that means you get to talk to someone in the actual post office in my actual town. I was referred by Mark, who works at the counter, to the postmaster. She said they could hold my mail. I asked if they could deliver packages (some of which are heavy) and hold flat mail. She said no but that, since I’m home, I can just watch for the mailman. He was delivering mail on a nearby street when we were standing around staring at debris and calling the cops. My guess is that he already knows…

The police officer came back and got written reports from my neighbor and I. A bit later the city came by and cleaned things up. I asked if they would replace the mailbox post (which was city property) and they said they’d ask the boss.

Kia parts and a 12 inch remnant of what was once the steel post holding up the mailbox

I love living in a small town.

All this is Andy of Mayberry stuff, I know, but here’s the big deal.

My neighbor has a security camera. Last night she and her husband looked at the whole thing on their video. They saw that, just minutes before this all happened, another neighbor, who lives across the alley and down one from me, who is a friend, had pulled out of the alley and turned left onto my street, US Highway 160. That’s some serious guardian angel action. Without the tape, we would not have known — or have been relieved — by what DIDN’T happen.

20 thoughts on “Backstory

    • The situation is better than I thought yesterday. What’s left of the post is still firmly in the ground and I ordered a new one. I’ll keep the receipt. But wow. It made me think of all the close calls we don’t know anything about.

  1. Whoa. Serious guardian angel going on. Your mailbox took the hit for your neighbor. Not getting mail – especially these days – is upsetting though. I hope it gets fixed soon.

    • I went down to the cop shop to see if the post thing was still there, but it wasn’t. I checked on what remains of the post and I was able to right it and it’s still pretty solid in the ground. I shimmed it up and pounded everything down further and ordered a new mailbox. I’ll keep the receipt in case there’s a miracle and the guy has to pay for it. BUT it sure made standing out there a lot scarier. 😦

  2. I always like to think of the culprit, “Maybe they didn’t know…..” This is nuts. I hope they find the person. Guardian angels, when you least expect them. That was wonderful, Martha.

  3. When I was a kid, occasionally truants would get their kicks by driving around with a guy in the passenger seat knocking mailboxes off their posts with a baseball bat. That was loads of fun, I guess.

  4. Glad your safe, and that the needed replacement/repair is less onerous than originally feared. And if something has to be sacrificed, much better a mailbox than a neighbor.

  5. Glad you neighbor is safe. That’s scary.

    I am glad my mailbox is attached to my house on the front porch. Around town there are a scenes like this all over the place. Its mix. Ever winter there is this house and the owner puts a something over (like two huge pieces of wood) to make a V like tent .

    • Yesterday when I went on Amazon to replace my mailbox, and saw when I last bought one, I thought, “This is the story of my life, I guess.”

  6. Wow! Hope the mailbox destroyer is found and brought to justice… Those guardian angels are working over time these days! Too bad the video didn’t catch the license plate of the culprit…

    • It’s really too bad about the license plate. My neighbors weren’t even able to tell for sure if it was a Colorado plate or not. 😦

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