Tedious Quotidian Update 8.23.aii

I think we need a break from these extraordinary times. Maybe I just need a break. Maybe just a good night’s sleep. I don’t know about you, but my emotions are so close to the surface all the time. Every small lovely thing brings me to the brink of tears.

It seems like the lifestyle changes wrought by the virus bring out strong emotions in a lot of people — some wholesome and some not. Watching the “Liberate” people on the news, all I could think was that what they want to be liberated FROM is not the government. It’s a sub-microorganism. They’re striking out against oppression but the oppressor is not their governor or a “Closed Beach” sign.

Last evening I took Teddy out for a walk. He needs more of those, but that’s not the point. Stopped and talked (Teddy met) the young couple who live next door. He enjoyed meeting them and eating grass. They were courageously setting out squash plants, and I dunno. I don’t even know where I want to put mine, never mind the real possibility of more frost. Then we headed toward the golf course and there was a whole train of carts filled with girls. The high school girls’ golf team (which wins championships). I’ve been walking past the golf course and around the high school in summer since I moved here, and I sense I’ve become kind of a benign legend. So it was all, “Hi! How are you!” from them, their eyes twinkling in happiness.

“It’s nice to get to play again isn’t it!”

“YESSSS!!!” came resoundingly from the carts.

In any case, I’m going to have to take the dogs out later in the evening if I’m going to walk there. It IS a golf course, after all. At one point, just before twilight, Teddy and I found ourselves on a fairway in front of a couple of young players dragging their own cart. I don’t want to do that. I sincerely LOVE that golf course and I WANT people to play golf. I’m thinking that when the cool hours arrive, we’ll just go back to the Refuge. “Just.” Ha ha ha. Like that’s consolation not the entire big world. At sunset it should be amazing. Mosquitos, but probably the wind will be blowing.

In other tedious and marginally interesting news, the new method of buying groceries is great. I went into the Big City (Alamosa) yesterday and picked up my stuff. It had been 3 weeks since the last trip. That’s good. Instead of a two hour expedition it’s a one hour expedition. Then I come home and wash all the stuff I bought, wondering if I have a dish drainer or a food drainer. Yesterday I wondered if kids in the future will wash their groceries you know, like we put our cups and glasses up-side-down in the cupboard because our grandmothers lived through the dustbowl.

But seriously. All I have to do is pull into a parking space. Call the number on the sign. Some nice person comes out with my stuff and goes over what they don’t have and what they substituted (as if I cared, which I don’t). I say “Thank you!” and load my car. I open a new “cart” as soon as I think about something I need or will need in 3 or 4 weeks (my new goal) time and add to it as things occur to me. I’m spending less on groceries and definitely less on gas (which I need to drive to the Refuge).

It really cracked me up a few weeks ago when the Buffoon in the White House said, “Gas prices are down. That probably makes you happy!” I thought, “Uh, douchebag, we can’t GO anywhere.”

The featured photo is Tu Fu, Li Bai and Li Ho, my Scarlet Emperor Beans. They spend part of each day holding audiences in various gardens throughout the estate.


I can’t bear a journey to the village–
I’m too contented here.
I call my son to close the wooden gate.

Thick wine drunk in quiet woods, green moss,
Jade gray water under April winds–
and beyond, the shimmering dusk of the wild.

Tu Fu


23 thoughts on “Tedious Quotidian Update 8.23.aii

  1. He is a total douchebag. And now he is blaming Dr Fauci for not warning us about the virus. His loyalty lies (little pun there) within himself only.

    • He’s horrible. It was really enough contending with the Trump disease. Apparently at his little staged “town hall” last night he blamed Obama and GWB for the virus.

  2. Golf courses will be allowed to open here in about two weeks, but I think you are only allowed one person in a cart…There is a melancholy to this write, not sadness, kind of reflects my mood.

    • It’s just been weird. It is a melancholy moment in history, I think. Scary and tender. BUT I think I’ve resolved to head out to the front yard with the pick-axe and plant pumpkins. Take care. ❤

  3. So now I know why we turn cups and mugs upside down in the cabinet!
    I agree and second every sentence in your first paragraph. The next paragraph too. It’s an entirely different energy everywhere I go. And even if I don’t go anywhere. There is such a fragility to emotions always seeming to be close to the surface. We definitely need a break.

    • I took a break. I took Bear out to the Refuge even though the sun was high. The wind was blowing, so it was pretty fresh, the trail wasn’t too hot and we didn’t go too far. I don’t think it was her favorite time out there, but we both wanted to go.

  4. First off -your beans look good! Sparky just planted his beans on Sat. so no action there yet. As for emotions, you are correct in your observation. I watched a dumb movie and found myself crying – and it wasn’t even a sad movie!! You are so fortunate to have so much nature within a short distance… We haven’t resorted to the online shopping but the grocery is literally 4 blocks away. We were able to stretch the trip from 7 to 9 days but tomorrow we have to go – Sparky ran out of milk and tea. If we don’t get those supplies his world will surely end! As for the orange one – there isn’t anything I can say that you haven’t articulated better.

    • I should take a photo of the inside of my fridge and write about it. You really learn (Sparky I hear you loud and clear!) who you really are when you realize the things that would mark the end of the world if you couldn’t have them. I have 7 pounds of coffee beans, a gallon of cream, three gallons of OJ, a half gallon of plain yogurt. I brought home 22 bananas yesterday and I have frozen 5. Apparently I’m most worried about my morning coffee and smoothie! 😀

  5. Hey Martha…I just wanted to tell you that Aerial America featured Colorado and mentioned and San Luiz Valley….:D Its beatiful.

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