“I don’t know, Martha…” “You’ll get used to it, Bear.”

Setting up the yard is kind of like playing Tetris right now. At one point in 1993, I had the five highest scores on a Tetris arcade game in the long-gone Hard-Rock Cafe in Zürich. It was not a Hard-Rock Cafe as we know it in the states, no fancy schmancy restaurant/bar/show place, but a somewhat dingy teen-ager bar in the Niederdorft when young Swiss, boys mostly, drank Hurlimann Beer and tried to score weed. Sordid tales from my misspent “youth.”

But I have tried out the new deck and it works as planned. I was even able to get Bear to come up on it although she is NOT impressed. 🙂

14 thoughts on ““I don’t know, Martha…” “You’ll get used to it, Bear.”

  1. It’s beautiful, Martha! The deck is hard, and Bear won’t be able to dig in it, but she’ll find other territory there to dig her holes in. And once she gets used to you sitting on the deck, she’ll want to join you!

    • I’ve left the back 1/3 of the yard for her to dig and that contains her life’s work, the deep holes under the lilac bushes. Plus they have the whole back yard which is bigger than this space. And, here, they still have their track and I’ve put boards here and there to kind of retrain them where to go. There’s already less dust in the house and the deck is really nice. I think when I put up the umbrella and it’s cool up there, Bear will really like it.

  2. Very nice. I can see you sitting there with a cool drink in your hand and Bear and Teddy stretched out (eventually)!

  3. Barbecue some burgers and have a bit of it a fall on the deck. Lets see what Bear thinks then.

    The wood might be hard. You could try outdoor doggy beds.

    • Where the pick axe is I’m going to plant salad in pots because it gets more shade than any other part of that yard. That whole part behind the deck will all be fenced in at some point.

  4. It does look nice. Once you have your umbrella set up and a bit of greenery around it will be a very pleasant area to sit. The dogs will get used to it. Polly, my cat, is always deeply suspicious of anything new but if I don’t force her to use it eventually she gets curious and checks it out in her own time. I bought her a new bed when we moved here but she wanted nothing to do with it for the first couple of months. Then she got in and got out occasionally until one day I found her napping in it. Now she uses it a lot, so does Cindy which looks really silly because she is way too big for it.

    • Bear will adjust, I think. Livestock guardian dogs are bred to be suspicious of change. For all I know she thinks the deck is a bear or something. 😀

    • It is. The house is already less dusty — of course they bring dust in with them, but nothing like what was coming in from them digging right by the door.

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