I’ve been wondering all this time how this was going to happen. How were they — two people with their own physical disabilities — going to bring a pre-made deck down the alley to my house. They would take it apart, sure, but how much?

When they arrived, the base of the deck — a giant, heavy 8′ x 10′ structure — was balanced on a wagon just like this one.

The rest of it was in the back of their Chevy SUV.

Getting that giant frame into the yard was the first challenge, but we (and I actually helped) did it. We all cracked up thinking that three disabled people were actually doing this thing and actually do everything.

It fit perfectly in the space. Then we placed the boards and George started screwing down the 3 inch deck screws. The little boy set up all the screws. He’s 7. The little girl badly wanted to see the dogs, but…

I would say that we all just had a really good time. Lots of hearty laughter, lots of discussions about all the cats I’ve had. I listened to both kids read aloud from Calvin and Hobbes, noticing, for the first time, the level of vocabulary used in that comic strip. 11th grade. The little girl calmly struggled to sound out new words. We talked about home-schooling. I said, “So these guys are with you 24/7.”

Their mom said yes. I have honestly never seen two more responsive kids, two kids more curious about things, more receptive to new information or more willing to try things. Naturally, they show off to me. “You really like them, don’t you?” I asked Mom. She grinned and nodded. Their dad, too. They work from home. They are all together all the time. At one point dad had to check the little boy. “No,” he said in the same voice I use with my dogs. The little boy instantly stopped.

We talked about how now so many people are stuck homeschooling their kids when that wasn’t their plan ever. “Yeah, my friend has four kids suddenly she’s supposed to be teaching them all. I just told her, ‘Just keep them alive’.”

The thing was done in an hour and change. Sadly, in these times, there was no grilling burgers on the new deck or anything like that.

As for the deck. It’s awesome. I hate the color I picked out. Next time I’m going to mix up a color I like and take it to the store and have them mix THAT rather than looking at paint chips.

20 thoughts on “Decked!

  1. How great that it went together so quickly and easily! Are these the same two little kids that love to talk to Bear when you drive by?

  2. The color will grow on you as you associate it with the fun day. My observation is that functional families are adapting and thriving with the new normal. Struggling folks really miss the safety net and actual help provided by schools and teachers.

  3. Congratulations. its beautiful! May you have many hours of enjoyment out there.

  4. The backyard makeover is looking very good!! I don’t know what color you wanted the deck but the color it is is a good one (at least to my eyes). I’m sure the dogs will come around – it may even become their preferred spot…

  5. The deck will probably look better when it is a bit more weathered but I know what you mean about paint chips. My sister and I want to paint various rooms in our house but while I used to love paint charts and sample chips I now don’t find them useful. They only show the “popular colours”. I don’t know who decides they are popular but they mostly seem to be a range of greys and beiges and not much of anything else. Naomi said the same thing as you, that she would use her paints to mix up a colour we actually like and take that to the store when she’s ready to buy more paint.

  6. Home Depot has an analyzer. You give them a sample of the color you want. It could be a small flake of existing paint or any other object that is the color you want. A computer decides what paints to mix to get that exact color. We’ve had very good luck with it.

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