My Grandparents were Tougher than Yours

“My Grandfather was storming the beaches of Normandy and now my patriotic duty is just to stay home.”

First thing I heard on the radio this morning, DJ talking about her grandparents. My first reaction was, “Oh yeah? let me tell you about MY grandparents!” not seriously, but you know, sort of like Monty Python’s “Four Yorkshiremen.”

My Grandmother Beall filling the cistern from the well which then the team of Percherons will help her haul home. Laundry day.

It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed by that space of dirt to my right as I write this, but that’s because I really hate yard work. I hate it because nothing lasts. You work very, very hard, and as soon as you set something up, and it’s all nice and stuff, it immediately starts breaking down. Weeds emerge. Some plants are more aggressive than others. Dogs dig. The wind blows. I prefer enjoying the changing seasons out in the wild.

But, it looks as if I will soon have a little deck out there on which to set my table and chairs and erect my umbrella. I decided to stimulate the economy by hiring the kids’ parents — who aren’t working now — and buying wood at a local lumber store. It’s going to be great having a deck and it has helped me focus the “design” of that big mess out there. I suspect I will plant grass. I have a bag of seed and will be out of stimulus funds once I pay my car insurance.

Anyway, I was hoping Lamont and Dude would show up this morning, but no such luck.

20 thoughts on “My Grandparents were Tougher than Yours

    • I think it’s going to be great and it really helped me figure out what to do out there and it saves the dog’s track and Bear’s two “snow spots.” I’m very happy about the plan. 🙂

  1. The deck sounds wonderful, Martha. It will be nice to sit in your own yard….weather is getting nice, too. Wow, that was vintage Monty Python–but still a riot!

  2. Needed the Monty Python today. Course, when I was a girl. . .

    Your new deck sounds like it will be a welcome addition to your yard. No weeding required!

    • I’m very happy about the deck! I bought the wood today. The family down the way is cleaning out their garage. They’re going to drill the holes etc, paint it and bring it up here when I get the base ready next week.

  3. Getting a new deck is going to be great…I love seeing Bear looking over the domain.

  4. Hahaha…loved the skit thanks for sharing. Hope you’ll show us your deck when it’s done…I know I enjoy mine!

  5. Hehe. The generations past had it a lot rougher than we do and yet we complain if we run out of instant oatmeal! I think I’m darned lucky to have been born in this time… even with the problem of COVID-19…

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