Not Really Fun, but…

Teddy and I headed out to the Big Empty hoping that today it would indeed BE empty. Yesterday Bear and I went and found PEOPLE! And one small group and an OFF LEASH yellow lab! and THEN, hoping to have a chance in another spot, two farm dogs out having an adventure. They were incredibly cute, but Bear went apeshit IN the car. So…

We returned to the abandoned golf course, the road to which is barricaded, and parked beside the tennis court which has caution tape across the gates.

Bear LOVES the golf course, as do I, but after a month or more in the Big Empty, it seemed a little, uh, small and urban. And wrong. Much as I like having access to it, the place should have golfers on it. The sprinklers were going, the greens were beautiful, everything was saying, “Golf on me!” 😦

We headed out past the driving range (pasture) to the dirt road and farms. At the end of this dirt road is a farm and this farm has a very large mare, dark brown with a star on her forehead. She’s beautiful and she loves me and Bear. I don’t know why. I’ve never been within touching range of her though dozens of times I’ve wanted to be. I’ve even carried apples in my pocket for her, but I hesitated. Then the owner of the farm put a gate up to close the road. It’s often left open (it was yesterday) but still. For all I know it’s because people were bothering the horse.

Whenever the horse sees us she runs to the very edge of her “yard” — something more than a paddock, something less than a pasture. Her “run” is actually a beautiful dance. She runs all around her yard, tossing her head and bucking, then, she comes to the edge of the fence closest to Bear and me. We are probably 100 yards away. I have told her that I love her and Bear loves to see her, too.

Yesterday, however, she got out of her yard and into the pasture. I never even investigated it before to see it if were fenced. It was clear to me what she was doing. She was trying to get to us. She’s not quite a Percheron but definitely not a quarter horse. She’s not built like a thoroughbred. I have NO idea what she is except very large. As she ran, she tossed her head. I thought, “That horse wants to follow me home.”

I don’t know all that much about horses, but I do know two things. One, they like to be with other animals. Brownie, the horse that lived next door to me in Descanso, CA, made a herd for himself out of Dusty, Lily and, of course, me. I know a horse’s herd doesn’t have to be another horse. Second, I know that horses are incredibly empathetic, and I believe they read minds. I’m SURE that horse knows I like her A LOT and would love to make a herd with her. She’s always alone. I’ve only seen her with a person once. She also recognizes that Bear is a chill dog who’d get along with her fine.

Anyway, I could see she could get out. I turned and walked away resolutely and fast. No other way to communicate with her, really. I didn’t turn around, but I kept listening for hooves on the dirt road.

Today at the Big Empty there was nary a soul for a good reason. It’s a very chilly day (snowing in northern parts of the state) and the wind is blowing like a MF. Teddy and I took off and enjoyed ourselves anyway, though, between us, I’ve had more fun. When you’re walking against the wind, your dog insists on hiding behind you (smart dog), and you have 3/4 of a mile to go, well, it’s almost like walking uphill both ways to school, barefoot, in the snow.

21 thoughts on “Not Really Fun, but…

    • She’s very lonely. I want to go tell her people I’ll come and hang with her every day. I have no desire to ride a horse, but I love hanging out with them. Really all you have to do is bring a dog and a book and some carrots. I used to sit on a boulder in my yard and grade papers while Brownie the horse rested his nose on my head. Very sweet moments and I miss that horse. I loved him so much.

  1. Ya know, a lot of those “uphill both ways to school” stories are exaggerated. In my case, we weren’t actually barefoot. My brother and I shared a pair of boots, so I carried him to school and he carried me home.

  2. Poor horse…stupid people; that’s like keeping a dog chained up in the yard 24/7.
    You should take a chance and talk to those idiots.

  3. Martha–I have no doubt that horse wants to follow you home. I would introduce yourself to the owner and ask if you and Bear can come visit. He might be really happy to have a playmate for his horse.

  4. Sounds that with the wind and the chill air that Bear was in her element and even if there was no snow, she was comfortable! Sorry to hear that others are not respecting leash laws or at least common sense when others are about with their dogs… Hope you and Bear and Teddy can get out to the Big Empty soon!!

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