Visit with Teddy to the Big Empty

Practicing social distancing with Teddy is very different from social distancing with Bear. I imagine some of it is that I haven’t even been walking with Teddy for a year yet so we don’t know each other to the same degree.

Teddy is so small (to me). Only 25 pounds and maybe 14 inches tall at his shoulders. He’s a bundle of energy, curiosity and affection. From time to time in his exploration (leashed) he seems to feel, “I must now love Martha!” and he’ll jump up on me for a hug. To my surprise and joy, he is learning NOT to jump on me in the house. I think he is making a distinction.

One thing my life with dogs has taught me is that you get to know your dog best by going out “hunting” with them.

Teddy is a fun little guy who is just as determined as Bear to pursue his education in mammal and avian scatology with a specialization in Canadian goose scat.

There is more coyote scat than there has been and much less elk. I have a different perspective on all this poop, not having to smell it to identify it, but I think my dogs might have more data such as when it was placed on the trail and the diet of the corresponding animal.

The cranes are all gone and now the magic lies in birdsongs. The video is kind of lame, but the sound is absolutely beautiful. Western meadowlarks. Oh and the little guy… ❤

In this photo, if you have a very good eye, you can see a magpie.

Magpie at 11:57 more or less

When I took the photo, was drawn to the laciness of the aspen branches against the blue sky, but then I saw the magpie. The magpie was fluffing his feathers and calling out, “Would someone PLEASE share a nest with me for the love of God?” This is reminiscent of a scene in Fellini’s Amarcord.


26 thoughts on “Visit with Teddy to the Big Empty

  1. so funny, teddy has the same impulses as the pre-kinder kids in my classroom, spontaneous hugs, unbridled curiosity, energy, and enthusiasm for most any activity.

  2. Ophelia and I heard the meadowlarks on our walk today on our big empty, but she didn’t listen like Teddy, she was too busy scouting the gophers!

  3. Omg, the Fellini clip – hilarious! Who knows, maybe that’s a more effective mating strategy than online dating!
    Love seeing the world you and Teddy – and Bear – get to appreciate every day, full of wildlife. Beautiful!

  4. That video is hilarious. I can just imagine the magpie expressing itself like that. 🙂
    Teddy still looks like a puppy. So cute.
    I find it so difficult not to pat friendly dogs that come up to me. I’m not taking my dogs out at the moment. There are just so many other dogs being “walked” off lead in the burbs at the moment.

  5. Oh Teddy you are so handsome. Good boy, for learning not to jump. I love magpies, they were not anywhere near where I lived when I moved here 20 years ago, but .. there were a few up the road, and I am hoping I heard one singing in the vicinity of my place. What a beautiful location for walking.
    I loved the video…of Teddy listening. I also have never seen the film but that clip was hillarious.

    • Magpies here are a little different from yours — I know this because my neighbor is from Australia. But they are fun to watch and I missed them when I lived in California. Teddy is a very aware little guy and fun to be with. He’s also the most affectionate dog I’ve ever known.

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