18 thoughts on “The Story of Medical Masks in the San Luis Valley of Colorado

  1. Both my wife and daughter are busy sewing up surgical masks. I get out in public so rarely I don’t need them but wife’s a nurse and daughter’s an EMT, so…

    • Isn’t it! The young guy in the video in the sporting goods shop is the one who sold me my skis. When I went back with Lois to rent her some, he said, “How do you like them, Martha?” I said, “If they weren’t so hard and sharp I’d sleep with them.” 😀

      • There’s quite a community effort here, too — sharing materials, sharing ideas, donating yards of material in return for 1 or 2 masks, etc. It’s great to see! Love your comment about the skis — hope you’ll get to use them next winter!

  2. Wow. Wow. Wow. An amazing effort. Furnace filters repurposed…who knew? I felt myself relax and smile inside and out. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. All over the value, women are sewing. Owen — still working — got a couple today. We had a box of dust masks which he will wear under the mask. I have an interesting set of thoughts on when this disease REALLY arrived on our shores. I still thinking about it.

    • I suspect it was here earlier than we think, but… Dealing with it this way makes the panic factor SO much more powerful. I’m pretty tired of it, but I know I’m not alone.

  4. we have people here sewing too. We also have community picking up from our local supermarket and driving groceries for free to those in mandated isolation or self isolating due to increase risk. There is this lovely community sense is so many areas.

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