Random Quotidian Thoughts 4.2.ii.b

I have given up the painting of the tree, in fact, I don’t want it in my house. It’s an incredibly disturbing piece of art work. I don’t want to spent hours in my little “play room” painting something I don’t want to happen. A few weeks ago it would have been a painting of a woman, a tree and the sky. Now? And, the panel is a really weird shape — FAR larger in one dimension than I think it should be. My will to paint something after I begin is not infrangible. In fact, until today, nothing in my life has been infrangible. Indomitable, unbreakable, determined, resolute, sure, but never infrangible.

Otherwise? I just hope everyone is doing as well as they can under the bizarre circumstances. The broken plumbing seems to have made it easier for me to have some perspective. Hearing OFFAL speak yesterday — and seeing him appear authentically confused and far less self-centered than usual — gave me hope (hope is often illusion) that he’s finally heard what the smart people around him have been saying. Anyway, the doctors got equal time on his daily rally and that was a little something. Dr. Birx showed us charts that I’ve seen before (really?) but they’re still good. Concerned about what will happen — most people can’t stay at home forever — I looked around until I found a decent explanation “Social distancing can’t last forever. Here’s what should come next.”

I hate the way people write now that we’re not relying on print media in which space on the that page costs money. I think back in the day, the inverted triangle made it possible for people to find out what they needed to know and then, if they chose, to move on to details if they wanted them. Anyway, the inverted triangle leads to clear, information-centered writing. If I’d written this article it would have had the bottom line at the top, but I didn’t. It’s possible to OVER-explain something. Still (having said my piece there) the article spells it out and is well worth reading.

Some good stuff has come from this, for me, anyway. I haven’t shopped for groceries for three weeks, as of yesterday. I think that’s awesome. Even in the best of times I don’t like shopping. I’ve relied on Amazon, yes, more than usual, but not that much.

Older person shopping is from 7 to 8 am, and I’m 30 minutes away from the store and like to sleep until 8 so THAT’S not happening. Instead, I’ve also compiled a list of groceries that I will pay for here at home. Then I will drive to City Market (Krogers) in Alamosa to pick it all up at an appointed time. Someone will put it in Bella and I won’t even get out of my car. Putting the list together was not that difficult because I always shop there, I have an account (for extra gas points!) and when I started it came up with a checklist of stuff I regularly buy. All I had to do was click on boxes and tell them how many. I saw more clearly what stuff costs, too. It could happen they’re sold out of some stuff, but so what?

I haven’t submitted my list yet, but I’m aiming for Friday.

The San Luis Valley has 8 known cases of COVID-19, but there are probably more. The majority of people here live in the country and the only thing anyone can do now is stay home with their symptoms unless they are grave. This isn’t a place given to sensationalizing anything.

Monday, after the plumber and I had derived the maximum enjoyment from the compelling video of my sewage line, we were talking toilet paper (the subject of the hour) and he said he’d cleaned out some lady’s system and found she’d been using paper towels. “She was an older lady, but,” then he looked at me, “not that that matters.” TMI about TP but I’m a single ply person having lived with a sensitive septic tank for 11 years.  And then I thought, “Do young people REALLY think we older people are so dumb? Sure there are plenty of examples around of dumb older people, but seriously? How did we GET here at all with the level of intelligence often imputed to us?” Then I thought, “He forgot he was speaking to ‘an older lady’.” 

And so I flopped between feeling insulted by his expectations of older people to feeling complimented that he’d forgotten I was one and back again. Then I thought, “What exactly is wrong with being older? I earned it. It wasn’t easy to get here and now there’s a new challenge.”

The human mind is a strange labyrinth… 

In honor of this April Fools Day I give you Ambrose Bierce:

n. A person who pervades the domain of intellectual speculation and diffuses himself through the channels of moral activity. He is omnific, omniform, omnipercipient, omniscient, omnipotent. He it was who invented letters, printing, the railroad, the steamboat, the telegraph, the platitude and the circle of the sciences. He created patriotism and taught the nations war — founded theology, philosophy, law, medicine and Chicago. He established monarchical and republican government. …in the twilight he prepares Man’s evening meal of milk-and-morality and turns down the covers of the universal grave. And after the rest of us shall have retired for the night of eternal oblivion he will sit up to write a history of human civilization.”
Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

  • The featured photo is the dog’s yard. You can see my bizarre old garage which is frame/wood covered by steel panels ala the style of the San Luis Valley. Anyway, it has a new roof and protects my car. We love steel panels down here. In truth, my entire yard is the dog’s yard at this point… Sigh.


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  1. I don’t know what it is about Dr Birx (that constant smile, the scarves), but I don’t like her. Nor do I trust her. Trump is finally calling him Dr Fauci, instead of Tony, which riled me to no end. I have been irritable these past few days, so the plumbers comment about the ‘older lady’ struck a nerve. ‘Not that that matters’– a way of saying I hope I didn’t say what I just said. Ah, well. Last chemo session (hopefully for a good while) in a couple hours and I am not looking forward go going to the hospital for that. She had cancer, but corona killed her. Foul mood today, Martha. Have a better day than me. ❤

  2. Interesting peek into your thinking and life, Martha:) I did a grocery pick up at Kroger last week that went well. I had to wait three days, so will plan a bit further ahead, next time.

      • I suppose different locations might vary. When I placed mine, there was a choice of times, and three days in advance was the soonest day. At the Kroger closest to where my daughter lives (in the same TX county), she didn’t have a choice of times, but the number of days was about the same

        • Yeah, since, basically, no one lives here, I got to choose day and time. If nothing changes, Friday at noon. 🙂 Did you tip the person who brought your stuff to your car?

          • The Kroger website I looked at says not to, but I’ve heard that some people are doing that, anyway. I didn’t because I don’t have any small bills and hate to go in somewhere just to get them:(

  3. Haha hope you get the list and i think the feeling between complimented and insulted happens with young people too. I remember one my friend’s dad telling me how responsibility mattered sometimes over your will and then declaring however young people do not understand it, and then he instantly added but i expect you too because you seem mature. Happens all the times in movies too when a guy tells a girl she isn’t like the other girls, a vague border between humiliating and appreciating. You appreciate the person but you’ve got your basic concepts wrong, there’s scope for you but you have to see the irony in your sentence. Making an exception is acceptable but making exceptions generalizations is problematic.

  4. It seems we’ve come full circle with everyone screaming every damn thing that’s gone wrong is our fault. Some even going so far as to scream we don’t deserve special treatment and special hours to shop so that we can get what we need. It doesn’t apply to me as I have other means available to me, but it is an affront since none of us created this mess now or then. It’s the powers that be with the money that make the choices. We don’t have much recourse at changing things…eg look at bump a dump trump!

  5. I wonder if we will all ever get used to this new reality. I read the Vox article you linked to and it was excellent – while also a bit of a shock as to the potential length of time this may take to resolve. Or not. Yes I do think many younger people think we are less-than. Maybe it has always been that way. I don’t like it either and just hope to do my part to prove them wrong.
    I like your setup with getting groceries. No such luck around where I live. I just run in and try to hold my breath while I grab stuff.

  6. So the only store within 10 miles of us that will package your groceries per your list doesn’t have anything I need. Even getting up before 6 and being in the store by 6:15, there was no paper good (toilet paper, paper towels, or tissues), chicken, eggs, frozen vegetables, eggs, or bread. No one delivers and going there ourselves doesn’t mean you can get what you need. We are okay for the moment and I keep hoping someone will restock our stores because I checked every shopping venue in the Valley and none of them had what we need. And what there is is a lot more expensive than it was a month ago.

      • I got their LAST package of 24 rolls of Charmin. They have almost nothing right now, be we are good until hopefully, the groceries restock. What we ARE missing are tissues and paper towels. I bought a lot of cheap dish towels to lower dependence on paper, but it’s pollen season hear and nose blowing is an issue.

        We are also out of vegetables or at least frozen (storable) ones. I can buy fresh potatoes, but I can’t store regular vegetables. Not durable. I have enough rice for three months, but I always buy it in 20 lb. sacks, so that’s nothing new. A little extra dog food. I don’t have a problem getting deliveries, but most of what a need just isn’t there or wouldn’t show up until May.

  7. We had a shipment from Ralph’s. For $10, they deliver, so it pays to make the order HUGE. If there is liquor in it, you have to be there to hand the delivery person your ID.

    Despite what I’ve seen on some web sites, the best information I’ve seen from the feds and the county health department is that your groceries are pretty safe as long as the grocery store people don’t cough in your face. It does not appear that delivered groceries are a disease vector.

    You can always repackage everything and throw the original packaging away if you are still worried. Also, disinfect the surfaces the bags sat on. Washing your hands before you touch your face, handle food, or eat is the most important step – regardless of anything else you may or may not do.

    • I’m good with the hand washing though I think the tip of my right thumb might rot off. There’s no delivery to Monte Vista, though they do deliver in Alamosa. It’s a 20 mile drive, so I get it. If this works, it might become my new way of getting groceries. I really hate to shop. I can drive there, get my groceries, buy gas and go on with my life.

  8. So sorry that the painting took a dump. I think your quote is spot on. I always like Bierce.. In fact son#1 asked for The Devil’s Dictionary for Christmas several years back. He was quite pleased with that gift and it was one I had no reservations in purchasing! Talked to my mother yesterday and she went on a 15 minute “momologue” on the failings of the orange turd. It was difficult to get her off that topic and onto something more pleasant!!

    • It’s just to bleak a scene for me to paint right now. Not doing it. The orange turd. If we could just wave a magic wand and make him disappear 🤪

  9. I am proud to be an older person too. I have to appear in person to get my groceries. It’s a life or death adventure.

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