Heaven is Inspiring…

In my wanderings down Monte Vista’s summer streets, visiting with neighbors, politics often comes up. I don’t like talking politics, but I’ve been astonished by the fact that people who probably voted for completely opposite parties share the same idea. The San Luis Valley can take care of itself.

Of course, it really can’t, but to an amazing extent it does. Whatever’s going on, people step up. Puppy mill? We don’t want that. Have to negotiate on that? OK. Result? People need to make a living, people here need Australian shepherds, but damn, that puppy mill is NOT going to be a “puppy mill.” It’s going to be a responsible, professional breeder. Dog pounds are primitive and inhumane? OK. Let’s just change all of ours to rescues, no-kill shelters. Let’s involve the schools to help care for the dogs. Let’s raise money from our neighbors. Let’s have fairs to show off our dogs. Let’s drive them to a bigger city where there are more adopters. ALL of the shelters in this truly impoverished part of America are no-kill shelters.

Now they’re working on cats.

The city is a mess? Lets march down the streets one evening a week, wearing rucksacks and carrying trash bags and clean it up. The food bank needs donations? Let’s just do that. The shelters need people to see the dogs? Lets walk them where people can see them. Need new decorations for crane festival? Let’s rope in the local artists and get people and businesses to sponsor these steel cutouts that we can auction at the end of the year.

One of the painted steel cranes adorning the streets of Heaven

I’m useless in this whole thing. I don’t even try, but just as a band is nothing without listeners, maybe the wonder of my valley would be less without my appreciating it.

And now we have a virus and two rural hospitals with very small satellite clinics, and where are filtered masks going to come from to protect the health care providers? What? These businesses are having to lay off their employees? Wait a minute… Hmmmm…

Read about it here. ❤

25 thoughts on “Heaven is Inspiring…

  1. I love the sense of community. Its one of the best things about small town living, in my opinion. I don’t know which is cooler, the painted steel cranes, or the stack of masks made by the community. As someone who doesn’t much like to sew and has been struggling to get a few made, I am impressed!

    • I didn’t even volunteer. I can sew but my skills are so rusty, I was afraid I’d endanger people’s lives. 😦 The cranes are beautiful. I might take a solitary walk down the streets with my phone and take their pictures.

      • I’m not doing so good, just put one together inside out. aargh. Doing them primarily for home use, and if we need more for providers other than me, hopefully I’ll have the hang of it by then. We get one thin paper mask a day at the recovery shelter where I work 4 times a week, and one of the residents went by ambulance to the hospital today due to a very low oxygen level (I’m better at medicine than sewing–I advocated strongly for getting an oximeter, it arrived today, and quite possibly made a difference in someones life.) I wasn’t there, as I share the rounding duties with Nurse Bob. He does Sun – Tues, and I do Wed-Sat. i

        • Good for you. I’m just impressed by anyone who has any skill to do anything useful right now, but doctors? Seriously. I love mine. She’s an awesome young woman and actually fun to go see. Last time there were two medical students shadowing her. 🙂

  2. Wow, Martha. I love everything about this post. So many great ideas and such wonderful solutions to problems. Your town is such a great place, but I know you know that. ❤

  3. Great post, a wonderful reminder that individually and in small groups people can make a huge difference in their communities, each applying their own unique talents to the task at hand.
    When I moved to my own small town/slice of heaven in 2005 I was struck by how anyone in need could simply put it out there and the community responded, no questions asked. Gives one faith in humanity.

  4. It strikes me that this is how the early nation grew — people saw need and took care of providing it! Have we made America great again in some unintended way?

  5. Very inspiring story. I can see why you love where you live. I am always amazed at how people can come through for each other despite differences – such as politics. I am seeing some of that where I live. A group of women sewing masks. A helmet company now making face shields for health care providers. A hopeful sign for humankind.

    • Yes. It’s beautiful and reminds me, anyway, of what’s under all the BS of the last several years. The people around me LOVE to step up, but it’s still pretty harsh out here and most of the people have lived here for a couple generations. It’s who they are. When I retired, I just wanted to be a nice person. I didn’t want strife with anyone. I really lucked out. ❤

  6. We didn’t have much in the way of business before, so my guess is we’ll have pretty much the same stuff later. I wonder if people will stop arguing about health care and decide we should have it? But big things will happen. I may not be around to see it, but this will not leave us the same world.

  7. I usually don’t deal well with small towns for long periods of time. That’s where I grew up. I feel suffocated and isolated. I need a large pool of people to find the one or two I can hit it off with. They’re great for a summer vacation though.

    I readily admit that when the chips are down you get a lot more community spirit than the medium or large city where to doors get double-locked, faces come and go and nobody knows their neighbors.

  8. I don’t know how i missed this one! I really needed a reminder today that we are still looking out for each other. I try to stay positive but some days are more difficult than others… My SIL is sewing masks and donating them. Looks like everyone is pulling together!

    • Some days are just better than others. If I have a good one (and so far so good) I’m just grateful as hell. I slept the last two nights without waking up terrified at 3 am. Yay!

      Our job now, I think, is to help each other keep up some kind of morale and hope because THAT is what real humans do. ❤ ❤

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