“You Don’t Want to Know”

Long long ago in a cabin outside Bailey, Colorado my friend, Sonia, and I found a Ouija board in a hidey-hole where her childhood toys were also stored. We pulled it out, found the little triangle thing that moves and reveals. Being 19 or so, we were very interested in who was going to be the love of our lives. I loved someone (he may have been the love of my life but that’s another story that I probably told somewhere on this eternal blog) so I was trying VERY VERY hard to TELL that triangle where to go.

We “scryed” for about an hour — until 1 am because that’s the kind of thing you do at midnight. I was very stressed by the whole thing. I felt in my bones I’d done something very wrong. I didn’t sleep and when morning came, I went up a hill to think in the very wet grass and the dew-dripping branches of a spruce tree.

“It’s not your business,” said a voice inside or outside of my head. I’m not going to take a position on that because I’d look psychotic. “You’re going to live it,” said the voice. “It’s my business, not yours.”

And now I know, from my vantage point near the end of the story I was trying to scry, that the Ouija Board might have been trying to tell me by racing all over that board.


7 thoughts on ““You Don’t Want to Know”

  1. I remember trying to use an Ouija board as a pre-teen at a sleepover. Couldn’t make heads or tails of anything. Gave it up as a hoax…. but then again there are some pretty strange things in this world. I don’t think I’d want to know what the future has in store for me. However when tossing apple peels over my shoulder to determine my true love’s initials they always came out “S”. Makes me think there might be a little something to that.

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