Another Hard Day at the Office

Bear and I showed up for work at the Monte Vista Wildlife Refuge a little early today. As I’m walking better, I’m hoping to go farther. 🙂

The Refuge was pretty empty. I can’t say that’s because it’s Wednesday or because the cranes have left (no idea), or because of the virus, but we didn’t have a lot of welcoming to do, but we were prepared. When the opportunity afforded itself, we put our hearts into it. It’s not all about quantity, though. The ones we DID wave at were very high quality; very enthusiastic about smiling broadly and waving back. I think we earned our pay.

I heard cranes but didn’t see many. A front is coming in. It’s vaunted to be carrying up to 20 inches of snow. Not for us, though. We’re just going to get wind and a half inch. I don’t care. Bear and I are heading HIGHER soon.

The wind was rehearsing, and I am hopeful its performance will be right up there with the greats. On the little segment of road that faces due south it was tough going for me. I was happy to turn west.

Bear, as always, walked back to Bella (my Jeep) with my hand on her back. I love that so much. Crane tourists love to see that, too, and it gets the best waves and smiles.

A white pick-up parked beside the road not far from the entrance. As I got closer, I saw it was a ranger or a BLM or a parks and wildlife truck. I had a little twinge of paranoia. The sign says leashed dogs are OK, but what if?

As I neared, the truck started moving and pulled up beside me. One of the wonderful things about this day and age is that WOMEN are often behind the wheel of those trucks. ❤ This was a young woman of about 30. “Is everything OK?” she asked.

“Oh yes. I’m great.” I WAS great and I smiled.

She grinned and drove off.

I have decided NOT to think of the possibility that when I walk I look like I’m suffering but, instead, to think that maybe she thought I was a Crane Tourist whose vehicle had broken down.

On the way home, Mohammed’s Radio played the song that came on when I first brought Bear home for a “test drive.” I think the song persuaded me to keep her. I don’t like Wings, but I always listen to this when it comes on.

20 thoughts on “Another Hard Day at the Office

  1. I can see the scene so clearly! I can imagine the wind turning Bear’s coat a little backward and curling over your hand on her back…. A perfectly delightful walk on the wild side!

  2. That is an amazing shot of the wildlife refuge. I can see why it’s a favorite destination for you and Bear. Even if you do masquerade as a Crane Tourist. 😉

  3. Sounds like the woman in the truck was empathic and perceptive. She likely detected a slight hitch in your git-along, but more probably noticed Bear’s protective posture at your side. We all – humans, animals – tell so much with our body language, but not everyone can read it. Good for the woman for paying attention and checking in. Such people are worth their weight in gold.

    Hoping you and Bear (and Teddy) get some snow, even if it only hangs around a few hours 🙂

    • She was an awesome girl. I’m just so happy that it is now easier and more normal for girls to have jobs like that. They made me take an aptitude test before college (my tuition was paid by the government because my dad was a disabled veteran). The number one thing for which I had an aptitude was “Forest Ranger.” The guy laughed. I tentatively agreed to major in English (not too far down the list) because attorney, news-caster and teacher were not that far down. To get government money, I had to pick a major for which I had an aptitude. There was no “Outdoor management” major in 1970.

      Thank you for your good wishes vis-a-vis snow. There’s nothing we want more. ❤

  4. Mohammed’s Radio is very popular on your local radio station, Martha. 🙂 Enjoy your solitary walks while the weather is cool. There doesn’t appear to be much shade on your trail. Glad everyone is still smiling and caring in your little town.

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