Celebrating Bear’s Fifth Birthday

A dog is a dog. OK, we all know I LOVE my dogs and ADORE Bear, but she is not a person. When it comes to celebrating her birthday, I do something with her that has cross-species resonance.

Last night it snowed — a tiny bit — but it was the frosting on Bear’s “cake.” (Her “cake” is life.) When I got up, snow was falling. “Happy Birthday, Bear,” were the first words that came out of my mouth. As she is a dog, the best way to make the morning special is not to do anything unusual. Bear, more than many dogs, thrives on routine. The predictable keeps her peaceful and happy. Livestock guardian dogs are like that. Anything out of the ordinary could be a large predator after her flock. Teddy doesn’t mind change, but Bear hates it.

Just after noon, Bear started giving me THE LOOK, a look that signifies, “You’ve had lunch. Let’s GO!”

Party time!

As we drove out there, Mohammed’s radio played Seals and Croft, “We May Never Pass this Way Again.” I don’t know if it’s the virus or the beauty of early spring here in Heaven or Bear’s birthday, but I kind of misted up. I don’t even like the song.

Windy. 50 degrees (12 c more or less) but the wind was cold. There were a few crane tourists and many, many cranes. Focusing on cranes keeps people from seeing some other amazing creatures such as a bright mountain blue bird fighting the wind. I have the luxury of observing ALL the birds at my leisure.

Here’s the birthday girl celebrating.

“Great party, Martha!”
“Thanks, Bear.”

26 thoughts on “Celebrating Bear’s Fifth Birthday

    • “Thank you, Rebecca! Martha says you still have snow and you have dogs I might like!” Yr. Pal, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog

      I hope Conall is doing better.

  1. OH Bear is absolutely beautiful…Happy Birthday Bear from my family to you. The pictures were beautiful…

    There is always a song that sets me off too. Its Celion Dion’s “Because you loved me”. It was my Sister’s and BIL’s wedding song..it also reminded me of a friend of mine

    • “Thank you! <3" Yr. pal, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog The song that sets me off (and for most of its life I didn't even like it) is "Bridge Over Troubled Waters." I went to see an orthopedic surgeon in Salida (two years ago). It was a futile trip. I needed a hip replacement and the surgeon/hospital was kind of a disaster. I was very disappointed, but… I had a 1 1/2 hour drive back home.

      I was in pain, scared and alone. As I dropped over Poncha Pass into my valley, the immensity and beauty spread out before me, the radio played "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" and I felt as if my valley were telling me it would take care of me and loved me, too. ❤

    • We will. We enjoy every minute we have together. You were so right to tell me I had to get this dog. I thank you every day. ❤ Bear probably does, too. We are very good together and I love her so very much.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Bear! Such an amazing way to celebrate!! Bear and Martha you are very lucky to have each other 🙂

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