Italian Friend Writes about the Virus in Italy.

…the situation is serious enough, so much so that it has required confinement measures for the whole Italian territory. In practice they have deprived us of some freedom of movement and assembly; if I have to go to leave the city, I have to communicate it to the Authorities, but then I can move …… it is a bit like being in a small war and having a sort of curfew.

For me who do not frequent crowded places, it doesn’t change much. I keep the clinic open only for emergencies as ordered by our Professional Order of Doctors. (My friend is a dentist) Meanwhile, it will be so until April 3 and then we’ll see. The same restrictive measures in China seem to have worked …. hopefully it will work for us too. Our National Health System is fantastic …… the only problem is related to the timing of acute cases that need resuscitation and intensive care: if they all still happen at the same time, there would be a shortage of beds. It is for this reason that the government (bad, made up of incompetent) forced us to stay at home as much as possible to avoid the contagion of too many people. Our doctors and nurses are doing an exceptional job. Meanwhile, it seems that a new therapy works well enough; a drug is used that is used for autoimmune diseases, in particular for rheumatoid arthritis, and which is called Tocilizumab: some hospitals are already using it on patients together with other therapies and apparently it works.

The disease itself is very strange; epidemiologists, virologists and infectious disease specialists have not quite understood how it entered our country. We in Italy have immediately performed at least 100,000 pharyngeal swabs and are therefore appear to be the most infected in Europe, but this is not true at all. France and Germany, for example, have done less than a tenth of our tests and therefore are apparently less affected than we are, but things are rapidly getting worse in other countries as well. Furthermore, our Government, despite all its enormous limitations, has decided to make everything absolutely transparent, communicating everything and not covering up anything; the other countries have done exactly the opposite. The result is that the concern has also blown up our economy …. but I see that things are going badly in other countries too.

For now, we are doing well and will try to minimize contacts with other people.

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  1. It’s good to have a first-hand expression of conditions abroad. I hope your friend continues to be safe and in seclusion, until the danger is passed. I just don’t know what will happen here if the continued incompetent ones are poo-pooing the dangers and undermining efforts to contain the disease before it is too late. (If we are already at that point, though, I may be shaking my fist at the wind for all the good it will do me.) It is frustrating to see the avalanche coming but be able to do very little to get out of the way. Beyond the ordinary efforts to minimize contact and be prepared, and such…

    Stay safe, Martha!

    • Part of me thinks (and you know this) we can be jumped by death at any moment even without a virus. Part of me is just grateful to live where almost no one lives. Another part of me is angry at the incompetence of our “leaders” and their apparent unwillingness to get real. And another part of me is scared for myself and everybody else. 😦 Stay safe, too. ❤

  2. This is fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing it. April 3 is the date used for an end point to many closures of public places and colleges in the USA as well. I hope that date is the right choice.

  3. Surreal. We just heard we have a case in Springfield, MO. Granted our country doesn’t shut down as Italy 🇮🇹….couldn’t imagine. But the Seattle hub and this rampant spread will hopefully not impede my travel to see my grand girl born in Spokane, WA. Other son, wife, and grandson in Fairbanks, AK. I’m still processing it all. Trying not to panic as that does no good at all. But to be smart and vigilant. I worry of elders and pray for those and all who have compromised immune systems. I’m one of them, but don’t feel a fear. I do worry of the economy over the mass panic. Prayers and good thoughts over this situation. Thank you for sharing your friend’s perspective. Again, so surreal.

  4. Thank you it is good to hear news directly from the people of the country. Hope your friend is well and you are staying safe too. Glad to know that the treatment is working and the government is displaying full transparency. We believe in you and your healthcare system and trust it will do only it’s best. Stay safe and don’t worry we’re sail through these difficult times. We are all there with you.

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