Baby Duck Wins an IndieBRAG Medallion!

Reviews from IndieBRAG Judges — totally made my day. ❀

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author paints a vivid picture of the China in the 1980’s. It is a candid tale filled with dramatic images and unique experiences and it draws stark comparisons between their world and ours. The writing style is almost lyrical and I could not put the book down. It most certainly is worthy of a Medallion.”

“This is a delightful story of someone telling us about their life abroad. I really liked the way the author didn’t offer an opinion on all things Chinese but stayed with her experiences. That made the story real to me. The things she focused on were compelling and made the book a joy to read. The cover made sense but I didn’t get the title until about 80% through the book.
I enjoyed the book and think many others would.”

“This work gives a superb view of where China has come from in just three generations. I’ve been studying China since 1965 (including communications with Rewy Alley and Edgar Snow) and nothing has given me so vivid a hands-on view of the struggles of every-day life there that lasted even as late as 1982. With honesty, simplicity and tolerance born of great love for China, Martha Kennedy provides a wide ranging account that brings into high relief the transformation China has accomplished.”

You can learn more here, on Baby Duck’s page.

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