T-N-T Boxes

Wooden boxes with T-N-T stenciled on the ends. I wish I could tell you what my dad was doing exactly. I can’t. I was just a very little kid, but I THINK they were using balloon bound radio receivers to determine how far into the atmosphere sound waves traveled. All I really KNOW about it is that the by-product of this research were these boxes which formerly held high explosives. My dad thought they were GREAT.

What’s also great, is that I wrote about them three years ago. It’s a good story. And here it is. T-N-T boxes.


19 thoughts on “T-N-T Boxes

  1. Great story, Martha. If only those boxes could talk. Imagine the explosive revelations. They make excellent building materials. Sweet photo.
    Do you ever wonder whether your father’s war time jobs might have contributed to his MS?

  2. Everyone loves a good box! My dad had cigar boxes. I still have a couple that were decorated as keepsake containers by 12 year old me…

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